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If you were sick and had something out of the ordinary (ibuprofen!)  then that could be part of the poop issue. If he seemed that eager for foods, then by all means, offer him bits to try/mesh sack to suck. (The mesh sack is GREAT for teething...put cold/frozen fruit or soft cubes of puree in there and your babe will be in heaven :)
I liked some of the ideas, like the fourth trimester. And some techniques worked for us. So go ahead and try them. If they don't work, they might never work, or they may work when you try them again in a few weeks/at a different developmental stage.   Swaddling helped our lil guy sleep longer. I also did white noise at night (we were by a busy street with lots of traffic, and his room was at the front.)  Only tradeoff, now that he's three, he's used to it, and does...
YES! I had unexplained chronic fatigue before going gluten free. My sister had malabsorbtion issues before she went gluten free. Neither of us had 'traditional' gastrointestinal symptoms. Get tested!
LOVE the purple velvet cake at elana's pantry blog....I hate beets in their natural form...but add chocolate and yum!   Going off that idea, I made some 'purple' pancakes too! They were a hit with maple syrup. I just added pureed beet to regular pancake mix (like you might for banana or applesauce pancakes) and a Tbs of cocoa and a little vanilla....they were good!
New carseat, obviously. (but if it has a long expiration date and you plan on having your kids 2-4 years apart, keep it for the second kid)   New crib, unless you are getting it from a trusted source/its not on any recall.   I got the fisher price strap on chair (not the teeny travel one, but that would work too) we just strap it on the dining room chair, because there wasn't enough room for a separate high chair. And the straps and back and tray can be removed...
Dr Ron's  you can buy online, freeze dried powder capsules. http://www.drrons.com/  I just stirred it in savory foods/meals for the babe.
PP forgot to mention, that you should cook some quite oily things in your pan at first, like bacon or another fatty meat, or maybe tempura/fried chicken in oil, etc.   Don't attempt things that notoriously stick (like eggs, starchy potatoes...) until you have a good seasoning started...or you will just get frustrated with scraping.
I didn't get any hep vaccines until teenagehood ....beats me why they give them to babies! Got them because I was travelling internationally. Menigitis I got before living at the dorms at college.   I would consider the flu shot IF you have someone vulnerable in your family/friends (elder, baby, immune compromised) Tetnus is a must as we are a barefoot type of family :)    
I'm not grain free, but do have meals/recipes that are grain free....I probably would do more grain free if we could afford it and the hubby did not rebel....I';; work on it slowly :)   Buckwheat technically is a fruit so if you are not hardcore, and have no reactions to it, here are a couple ideas....   Anyway, I have made a pretty good buckwheat spazel ( like 2/3 buckwheat flour, 1/3 starch (like tapioca or potato...water chestnut flour or arrowroot might work...
If you consider buckwheat a 'fruit' (which technically/genetically it is....) then I have use the pocono's cream of buckwheat (or wolf's crushed kasha, NOT the whole groats) as the binder for meatloafs. Don't see why it wouldn't work for meatballs!
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