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Liver would be great for iron too!
I usually get the nutiva, becuase of price. I have made some lovely 'power bites'/bonbon type things with nuts, shredded coconut, fruits, etc, 'Almond joy' bars, 'lara' type bars, etc But they do need to be refridgerated to stay more solid/less mushy.
Ha! Neither will I! I like my cruciferous veggies. But since soy is in nearly every boxed/precessed food out there, I do try to avoid that as much as possible. Except the occasional tofu, edamame, miso or GF soy sauce/tamari. (so basically when I'm in the mood for japanese :)   
Um, no personal experience here, but couldn't they be ground up with some of the muscle meats, for ground meat, or season it like sausage?
Cocount oil/butter melted into your hot ceral, etc, eggs, nuts, nut butters and nut flours, nut milks, (make some nut balls/bonbons, 'lara' bars, etc. Elana's pantry has some good recipes!)  get coconut milk/cream in the can, that has the fat in it. Also, olive oil on all salads, veggies, etc.
If you do persue testing, have in mind that results of the tradition celiac blood panel most likely will be on the more inaccurate side, as young children often have a higher incidence of false negatives, AND you have already limited gluten in the diet. If you are not eating gluten, there is nothing for the test to detect. On the other hand, you can get the genetic test, which looks for certain markers, and serves as an indicator that the possibility celiac is more...
Also, offer to contribute a dish! You KNOW that one will be safe. Inquire about the method/recipe for the roasted meat (if you eat meat) which in theory should be fine as long as there is no butter. Ask that butter be put on the veggies at the table, not before serving? (BUt don't count on that the first time around...have a back up plan. Habits take time to change)
If you did get custody, it is possible that she would then qualify for state health insurance etc...or maybe something through the tribe?
Oh, I just read more of the posts. Accually, do more coconut research. It is a good saturated fat, and also contains other unique amino acids such as lauric acid. Lauric acid is also in breastmilk :) And for some people, soy may be fine. But if ANY autoimmune and/or thyroid problems run in your families, then reconsider the soy.  
Try allergen foods anytime now. My lil guy was already eating scrambled eggs and almond flour pancakes by then. Just introduce an 'allergen' food one at a time, with 2-4 days before trying another new one. And watch for reactions/changes. In all likelyhood, it will be fine. Until about 2-21/2 my lil guy would eat anything we gave him, then he got more selective, and now at 3, he goes in cycles. SOmetimes he'll eat fruits and veggies, sometimes not. I've started using...
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