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I lost weight while PG with both of my boys.  I started out with plenty of extra weight (195 at 5'4") and once PG I ate better foods and smaller portions - food just didn't sound good and I got full quickly.  With DS2 I gave birth at 12 pounds less than what I started at.  I had lost a lot at the wedding and put on 7 or so as I went along.  DS1 weighed 7lb14oz at 41w3d and DS2 was born on his due date 40w0d at 7lb3oz.  I did have an US around 25 weeks with DS2 as I...
I was very shocked to learn today that Dr. Charles Martin passed away on Valentine's day.     I am now looking for a non-vax friendly pediatrician in the east valley.  Please respond or PM me if you have a recommendation.  I live in south chandler/Gilbert area but am willing to travel for a good doc.
I posted above and I was GBS+.  My water didn't break until I was pushing and they did start the antibiotics as soon as I was in the hospital.  Like I mentioned the epidural really slowed my labor down so my DS wasn't born for another 8 hours (I think) after getting to the hospital even though I was so far dilated.  I think he was also needed to get in a better position.
I labored at home until I felt the need to go to the hospital.  I was already 8 cms by the time I got there and got the epidural about an hour later.  It did stall my labor and even with a 'low dose' I couldn't walk around the room.  Looking back I realize that I was in transition and probably could have avoided it if I had been better mentally prepared/aware instead of loosing myself to the pain. I was able to successfully have my VBAC though!
It does work as long as you don't mind the smell of coffee! My mom did this to us when we would dress up for halloween.
Yup, totally normal not to be seen before 12 weeks in my area. With my first I was seen at 12 weeks. The second I got PG and scheduled for 12 weeks but lost the baby at 8 weeks and they told me to keep the appt anyway since I was due for my yearly. I got PG directly after the MC so when I went to my yearly appt. it ended up being a prenatal appt. I would normally not have been seen that early though.
Wow, that calc. gave me a 64.7% chance for the VBAC I accomplished! Glad I didn't see it before I did it as it might have made me feel like I didn't have as good of a chance. I really think that your mindset has a lot to do with it. For my next VBAC (if I have another child) because of my successful VBAC it is giving me a 91.5% chance of success!!! Knowing that my body could birth normally made the VBAC worth it. Knowing that it was healthier for my son and that I...
Ahhh....what about the good ol - have to toughen up the nipples bit. I must have heard about using a dry wash cloth and rubbing my nipples from at least 3 different people!
This is so much fun! I was looking forward to it!
A cruise! You can go to so many different locations!
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