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the greatest benefit comes from the living bacteria. Deer (for example) have millions of living bacteria in thier digestive system, which allow tham to digest what we would consider undigestable garbage. without these bacteria thier digestive system is incomplete, and they would not survive the winter when there are only twigs and bark to eat. like the deer, we also need good living bacteria in our digestive system. in this world of antibiotics and sterility that we...
twinmommy, this is good to keep in mind while making yogurt (if you make yogurt). if you stir too vigorously, you will not get great results because of too much oxygen being added to the mix. other than that (unless you have some specific concernes) i don't give it much thought.
goodpapa, good article. slide 15 is excelent! i copied it to my yogurt making file. thanx
if you are breast feeding, you can use a drop of breastmilk in each eye. it sounds crazy, but breast milk is full of good natural antibiotics. and if it is the strep that spread to your eye, your breast milk will be full of the RIGHT antibodies for the job.
i am not the one to tell you that probiotics are definitely the answer. however, probiotics have such a wide range of benifits that it can't hurt. and the good news is that you don't need to make your own yogurt. just make sure that the yogurt you buy has live bacterial cultures in it. i (used to) buy the horizon organic yogurt. modern medicine and meat production are very good at wiping out the natural flora of our bodies. probiotics are good for everyone!
goodpapa, i am just finnishing up a double degree in boilogy and chemistry. i chose the name because that's what my wife (punkprincessmama) calls me. i actualy use an empty metal soup can that i punched a bunch of holes in (i'm very cheap). i set the can in the water with the water level just up to within an inch of the top of the can. then i set the jar on top of that. and yes, it's just a plain glass jar with a plastic top on it. i stick a thermometer in through...
you should realy take a look at the "power of probiotics" thread. if he started having bm troubles after the antibiotics, it may be an indication that the natural floura in his intestins was wiped out by the antibiotics.
i wanted to be able to offer you a littel more info, but unfortunatly, all my books are packed. all i can say for sure is that it seems silly for your doctor to dismiss anything at this point. it seems you've covered your chemical bases, have they looked at any physical obstructions as possible causes? you may also want to take a look at the "power of probiotics" thread. it's in health and healing. i don't actualy know anything about inguinal hernias (that's why...
that's excelent zanelee, let me know how it turnes out.
zanelee, i am punkprincessmama's husband. being the yogurt maker of the family, she mentioned to me that you had some questions. here is basically what i do: i mix 1 gal. milk and 1 3/4 cups dry milk and bring that to boil in a pot. immediately cool to 110 F. i then pour this into the empty 1 gal glass yogurt jar (it's actualy a tea jar). it needs to have about a cup of the old yogurt left in it. i place this jar over a pot of steaming hot (not...
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