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I never used time out until recently with my almost 5 yr old. I am a big fan of Alfie Kohn but did not find his parenting book very helpful. Most things can be worked out without time out- talking, distraction, waiting it out. My big question is what to do when it is violence. That is when I am now using timeout. For example DD kicks her sister in the face. I need to comfort the injured child but can not do that if DD is continuing the assault. She needs to be...
The circumstances in this case was a screaming crying dd outside my dh's room where he was sleeping. I tried to get her to come downstairs. Then she I put her dress on but I couldn't set the baby down to do it b/c the 13m would touch dd' s toys. So I could only button one button. She began to cry I said come downstairs & I will. More crying, that's when I said shut up. I apologized but I know what I need to do is do the right thing in the beginning. I am sleep...
Really need some tips on how to keep my cool. I can see it happening. I tell myself not to. Then it happens. So here I go teaching my daughter terrible habits. Today I told her to shut up &worse. I feel awful. How to model handling anger is really hard as a parent. I was never spanked as a child &even so it is hard not to do it.
My dd2 will be one when I go back to work in August. I try to walk her to sleep for at least one nap a day. It takes 10-20 minutes of walking. My dd1 used to nap in the stroller at this age. I have no plans to pump or wean. She loves food and will nurse as needed in the evening / nighttime.
My dd1 always slept with us Nd in our bed. For dd2 I decided to put her to sleep in the crib to start the night. Getting her attached to a love helps. The no cry sleep solution has some good ideas. Basically just keep trying to lay her in the crib but if you get frustrated go back to your usual routine and try again later. Good luck!
Finding losing pp weight from baby two a huge challenge! She is 8 months. Current weight 173 goal weight 150 lost 17 lbs
So it turns out I have 2 afternoons this week that another 3 1/2 yr old is coming over to play with my dd1 ( dd 2 is 8 months). Homemade play dough - check Sandbox- check Bubbles- check What else is needed. Occasionally my dd1 really hates to share toys so I never know how these things will go. Help!
Wow! That is so sad to hear. There policy used to be everyone gets a midwife unless there are high risk issues. I second getting a doula. I had all hospital births and wouldn't have done it without a doula. They are fantastic and they even know your name without looking at a chart!
It is reassuring to hear that it will pass b/c I am going back to work in the fall. I know things changes so quick with babies but it just doesn't feel that way when you are in the middle of it. So I am trying not to stress out how she will handle a babysitter in the fall, babies are very resilient, right! I will try the if your happy & you know it song b/c dd2 does love clapping or if I say "yippee!". Also I should get my ring sling out more. I have an ergo and it...
They were pretty had & accompanied by a bad rash. I have switched back to nursing only. Once the diaper rash heals I thinks I'll just reintroduce everything slowly& no banana which is a bummer b/c it is so easy to prepare!
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