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My local Weight Watchers meetings have a deal where you can box up the candy and send it to soldiers overseas.
Mods: I'm not sure if this thread belongs here, feel free to move it. So my kids LOVE to trick-or-treat (what kid doesn't?) and we live in a great neighborhood for it. The end result is that my kids come home with their pumpkins bulging with stuff I'd rather they didn't eat. This year I thought of opening a little storefront, selling special activities and nonedible treats for them, merchandise payable in candy. For instance: a night out with Mom or Dad, 50 pieces. A...
whoops, sorry for the omission - she is FF.
Hi all, I have both my kids right now in the Boulevards in the backseat of my Prius with like 9" between them. DD1 is 5.5yo, 44" tall, 39 lbs; DD2 is almost 3, but is tiny - 22 lbs and 34". I want to keep DD2 in her Boulevard, but DD1 is almost too tall for hers and I'm shopping for a booster. Plus, I'd love to be able to bring one of DD1's friends home from school with us every now and then (using their booster) for a playdate, but can't see how at the moment....
Chlorophyll huh? What does it taste like? Not sure my daughter will go for the lime idea - I'll ask her. Great thoughts everyone!
My daughter wants a cake shaped like a fish for her upcoming birthday, and she wants it to be LIME GREEN. I just don't have any idea how to get that color naturally and have it taste like frosting should! I thought of matcha green tea powder but I know she will NOT eat that. This is the idea that I am working with. Suggestions?
Depending on what state you live in you can look up the law online. My state's is here. Warning, they are not easy for legislative newbies to pore through - but all the info is there. Try googling "(your state) statutes" and it should pop up.
Am investigating making my own wrap n mats using this pattern, but I don't want to use PVC or any plastic coated fabric like PUL. Am investigating oilcloth but commercial yardage is vinyl coated and I am not sure about the safety of making my own with linseed oil. Has anyone tried wrapping sandwiches with anything else? I cannot use just plain fabric as I need to make lunches the night before and am concerned they will dry out. Does anyone here think a really thin...
I have tried something similar with our preschool. Problem is that here in Arizona the government REQUIRES the toxic alternatives such as diluted bleach to clean tables daily and the school could be shut down for not following these rules.
I'm not sure if this is the right forum but here goes... We are visiting family in Kansas and my 4.5yo dd is having such trouble with chiggers, poor thing, she is just miserable. What is a good natural repellent that works that I can put on her? Nobody should have bites where she has them
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