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But Cynthia, How FAR do you drive that SUV?
Oh goodness.
Having lots of kids and staying at home doesn't make you a good mom.   Are you only marketing your book to SAHMs? Cuz there aren't many of us.
  I don't think it's a very good discussion if we simply answer "helpful" but don't say why. You asked about the debates here and whether or not they were helpful to us. How can I assume you mean anything other than my personal decision?  You can't say you don't like my answer and I have to change it.   I haven't tried to insult anyone. I tried to make clear that some of the arguments here, in the debate in these pages, made me believe that it doesn't seem rational to...
  Which words are bothering you? I wrote a sincere post. And forgive me, I don't know you. Why are you telling me to edit my post?
The debates in this forum were extremely helpful in my decisions about whether or not to vax dd2.   I fully vaxxed dd1 20 years ago and on... didn't question it. It wasn't in the media or the mainstream then, so I had no dialogue with anyone. Just did it.   Infertility and finally dd2 came along, and thanks to Mothering,  I learned how to take really good care of myself emotionally and phyically and solve some other issues during my pg and breastfeeding...
    Breastfeeding Judging people is easy. It feels good. If it isn't or it doesn't then you know something is wrong.
135 again.   I am going to try one more challenge and if I don't lose this will be my end weight and I will be fine with it. I've been working out, very active, eating well and it's not a bad place to be at all. Hopefully I can move some of the weight around eventually. I am still so thick in the middle I don't think it's healthy. Certainly not comfortable. Anyway, I seem to be very commited to this level of health (after a year of working out and eating less) as a...
135 again.   It doesn't suck, as I've lost 36 pounds in the last year. Just hoping for some changes as I am working out super hard. I'm starting to think about what I want my end weight to be, but holy hell I still have a fat tire, and I don't mean five pounds of it. I can't find any comfortable clothes. My butt is a size 8 and my waist is still in 12 territory. So I just keep plugging away, lots of cardio. I added rowing in between weight sets and a sort of jump...
New Posts  All Forums: