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Hi ladies! Would it be ok if I join you? I'm actually due April 24 but I saw your thread and really wanted to be a part of it. (I have not quite settled into the April DDC so maybe I'll lurk over here?)
Quote: It's basically there whenever I'm not eating and for about 10 mins after... then the bad taste sets in. Eating a candy or mint helps, but 10 mins after it's back again :/ ditto for me. I had the same problem my last pregnancy and I kept a bag of jolly ranchers on me at all times! It helped and the problem eventually went away. This time super-sweets and mints just seem to make it worse.
I'm sorry.
K and Marcie, I'm so sorry.
Quote: Put the straw in the water, put your finger firmly on the top, and pull the straw out so the water stays in the straw, and then let him drink from the bottom. We started doing this with DS at about 9 months b/c he wouldn't (couldn't?) drink from a sippy and at 11 months, he learned how to drink from a straw normally. He still cannot drink from sippy cups so we're just going to skip them.
Hi ladies! 2boyz, that's great that you finished the marathon! It looks like it was a really fun day. Diana, Lake does not really play with toys either. He likes to pull tupperware out of the cupboard, take out the items in my purse, remove all the clothes from our drawers, dump all the condiments out of our fridge. He does not get tired of doing these things and he never puts anything back! He has a little cash drawer that beeps; he loves that but only plays with...
I have been craving hot wings from, of all places, a movie theater about a half hour from my house. I'm going there tomorrow. I have alsoe been eating tons of starches, mashed potatoes are a big favorite. And chips are my weakness non-preggo so I indulge in that now too.
Hi ladies! I hope everyone is doing well. Lake has learned how to get into the fridge on his own. When things are too quiet, we find him in the fruit draw chewing on grapes or plums. He's not too keen on kiwi though, hates the skin! Lol, it's very cute but messy!
me too! We had a really hard time coming up with a real name for DS so we called him "The Boy" the whole time. We even did it after he was born and still refer to him as such but never in front of people! I LOVE to read. After having DS, life got crazy so I stopped reading. Then I realized how unhappy I was (sad but true) so I've taken it up again. It's hard getting big chunks of time in but last month, I read 4 books!
Hi there, I posted in the other intro thread then saw this one! My EDD is April 24. I'm expecting #2 and everyone is hoping for a little girl, though we'll be happy with another little boy.
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