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1) How many members of your family do you wash clothes for?3 2) How many loads are dirty? 5 or 6 3) How many loads are part-way through the process? (if they aren't folded AND put away, you have to count them!) All of them 4) If previous question is greater than zero, where are the loads now? The washed loads are in baskets, the dirty clothes and on the floor and in a hamper 5) How often do you iron clothes? Iron? What's that? 6) How often do you mend clothes? Umm,...
Our vet has a program where we pay $19.00 a month. It covers all office visits, two routine exams a year, and routine shots and tests (e.g. rabies shot, test for worms, etc.) But it doesn't cover flea treatments, worm medicine, or other medicine. (Our dog is a cocker spaniel and has frequent ear infections.) I don't think he needs routine exams twice a year and they have rabies clinics where he can get his shots for $10 I think. So, do you think $228 a year plus flea...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaPhD Also she loves sleeping with books as she flips through them to help her fall asleep (usually 4-5 books in the crib with her at any time) even though she can't read yet (19 months old). For dd's nap today, I gave her two books to look through. I heard her "reading" to herself for a few minutes and then she was out. LOL
Has she been eating a lot of fruit? My dd also gets loose stools after eating too much fruit, esp. grapes, raisins, and blueberries.
Subbing bc we're in the same boat.
Some movie theaters have free family movie days (I know regal cinemas do) So maybe you could take them both to a free movie and just see how she does. If she won't sit through it then you can just leave the movie without wasting your money. If she does ok, then I would take her to see Toy Story.
When DD fights brushing (which is most of the time) I'll sit on the floor with my legs straight out. Then I lay her down between my legs and I put her arms under my legs so she can't grab the toothbrush or fight. Ususally she's hollering so her mouth is wide open. Just watch out for kicking. I know it sounds mean, but it gets the job done and it's over pretty quickly.
My LO does the same thing Me: We're going to the park tomorrow. Her: Park? Park. PAAARRRKKK!!!! Lol I just explain that she has to go to sleep tonight and when she wakes up, it will be tomorrow. I'm not sure she totally understands but it helps a little. I guess they'll get it when they get it, yk.
I know alot of kids DD age (23 mo) know how to count bc they have memorized the numbers, but when do they start to understand that if you have 1 cookie and you get another that makes 2, if that makes sense.
Sounds like he doesn't want to get out of a warm, cozy bed to go potty. I don't know if this would work or not but, maybe get him a little bucket to put beside the bed and he can pee in that without having to completely wake up and go to the bathroom. Just make sure he empties it in the morning.
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