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I think it's a great name! I really like names that aren't too popular but aren't weird or different either, if that makes sense.
Wednesday, my 15 mo grabbed her diaper and said "Poopy" I asked her if she needed to potty and she nodded. I took her and she pooped! And when she was done, she did the sign for "all done." She did that twice on Wed. and twice yesterday. (None today bc I had to work) We've been VERY casually ec'ing since she was about 7 mo. I rarely caught a poo and only caught pee with timing. For the past couple weeks, she would grab her dipe and say "poopy" AFTER she poo'd but I...
My 15 mo did this too. She would go to the fridge and shriek and I would automatically jump up and give her whatever she wanted just to make her stop. Then I realized that only encourages it. So whenever she started to shriek, I would ask "Do you want sippy/grapes/etc.?" So after about a week of that she started going to the fridge and saying "Sippy"(or whatever) She will still shriek if I don't acknowledge her, but it helps. So just keep encouraging her to use signs...
Oh. I've always been told it's illegal to homebirth here. Maybe I should check my facts better next time. Thanks for clearing that up.
...it's illegal to have a home birth. The alabama birth coalition is trying to change that. They're having a walk tomorrow. Here's the website for more info. http://www.alabamabirthcoalition.org/walk-for-midwives/
At the hospital I work for, signing the declination is no big deal. You just go to employee health and sign the form, no questions asked. Last year, I "forgot" to sign one and no one said anything to me about it. I do know of a hospital that sent an email telling the employees that if they don't get the shot, then it's considered a "voluntary resignation." I guess different places have different requirements.
I love the names! My niece and nephew have the same middle name: Jessica Robbyn Christopher Robbyn as in Winnie the Pooh. (also my brother's name.)
My 14 mo used to LOVE baths but lately whenever I put her in the tub she screams and cries and tries to climb out. Ususally, I'll turn the water on to get it the right temp. and then put her in while it's still running and it keeps her occupied while I wash her hair. But Tues. night as soon as I put her in she just freaked out so I took her out. The next morning after breakfast she smooshed oatmeal in her hair so I figured she's got a full tummy, she's not overtired or...
You should start calling things by the wrong name, too just to show him how silly it is. For instance, you could call all chairs the couch. As in "Your coat is on the back of the couch in the kitchen."
When my LO was about 4 months someone asked if she was STTN. Me: She sleeps from 9pm to about 3am. (6 hours!) Her: oh, well don't worry. she will one day. Um, I really wasn't worried, but thanks anyway.
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