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Couldn't read and not reply.  Hugs, mama.   This is not.your.fault.  It's okay to grieve, and guilt is a part of that grief.  But the fact that you had to terminate was the same as needing to terminate because of an acute illness of any other kind.   Be gentle with yourself.  Is adoption and option?  Surrogacy?  Pre-emptive diclectin?  Like the pp, I don't know what you've tried before.  However, I do know that diclectin was magic for me during my second...
I didn't want to read and not respond. Hugs, mama. My reading is that it *might* be ODD, but what other problem behaviors does he display? Does he openly defy you and others, or is it really just unpredictable/violent tantrums? When I was little, I had awful tantrums, and in retrospect, I think they were the early manifestation of my bipolar II disorder. You're doing all the right things, from the sounds of it. Get him help. Love him to pieces. And maybe do...
I'm with you. I am back on a medication that I took a hiatus from while I had my dd. In the past it didn't lead to weight gain, but it looks like it has this time and I'm super bummed. I find it hard to keep my weight down at the best of times, but this is just nuts.
I think I would suggest he pick up my child in a cab. If he's not willing to shell out the money for that (or at least public transportation), then too bad, he misses the visit. I would probably be doing half the transportation, though (picking up), just on principle.
I just recently had to make this decision before ds's (9) psych ed eval. I went with my gut, and handed over his evals from age 5, but only *after* meeting the chief psychologist and getting some feedback from others who had knowledge of her. My overall feeling was that she wasn't the type to be biased, so I produced copies.
Just out of curiosity, how long does it take to get an interim order?
Yeah, I think it may end up in court. I sent him a versio of the above email that didn't include the lawyer part, and "suggested" the schedule rather than imposed it, just to see what his response would be. He suddenly changed his entire tune, and now intends to get his place ready by month's end (ha!), and see her for full days and overnights there. He also insists that he see her no less than every second day, even though it means seeing her on different days each...
Thinking of you, mama.
He just turned nine. I get some funding through our provincial government (I'm in Canada) to spend on therapies as I see fit. Thanks so much for the BTDTs, all! I'll definitely do some research and see if I can find a good SLP who specializes in feeding issues.
I'm trying to figure out who would be the best kind of professional to work with ds on his oral issues. I know at least some of it is sensory, but is that exclusively an OT thing? issues include: - sometimes drooling, often spitting (as he talks or laughs--not intentional) - generally seems to have a lot of saliva near the front of his mouth - chews with an open mouth and lots of noise (five hundred reminders a meal don't seem to be helping) - some food stays in...
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