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My son has been reading The Magic Treehouse books, but has been bothered by the occasional violence and fighting and good vs. evil themes.  He's a sensitive soul, and we are a family with pacifist values, so we're looking for alternatives.  Can anyone recommend chapter books at a similar reading level that are adventurous but not about using violence against the bad guys?
Hi earthwriter.  Try connecting with Arts of Nature at http://artsofnature.org.  Lots of like minded Mamas take their wonderful nature education classes, and their very green minded staff could recommend other groups to connect with as well. Many home school families in town also share your values.  Try Santa Fe Homeschool Association's yahoo group.  
This morning, as my homeschooling kindergartener and I were settling in to read together, he looked out the window and noticed that a man in a safety vest was putting up a "road work ahead" sign in front of our house.  He shouted, "Road work!!" and dashed out the door, as I scrambled to find our shoes and jackets and catch up to him.  He spent the next hour excited and fully engaged, watching a big excavator dig up a sewer line in front of our neighbor's house.   He...
My guy is very musical and spatial.
McKenna has posted a response on his website!!!!:   http://cosleeping.nd.edu/controversies/in-response-to-john-rosemond/   If your local paper ran the Rosemond article, please e-mail them the link to this response and ask them to make a retraction.
Yes, we need to spread the word!  
Hi Everyone, My local newspaper ran a concerning column by John Rosemond on Monday in which he makes some false claims.  I'm guessing a lot of you also have his column in your local paper, or have it forwarded to you by mother-in-laws, etc.  I've written a letter to the editor about this column and I wanted to share my thoughts with folks on this forum because I would hate for people to be mislead.  The headline was "No evidence to support attachment parenting claims."...
I would recommend that you check out a book called "Free Range Learning" by Laura Grace Weldon.  It has lots of good info about natural learning and the child-led approach that my ease your worries about "educational tools, etc."  Also, some great chapters about living life with your children around and having a flow to the day that includes all of you.  The later will be an adjustment for all 3 of you but give it time and you'll soon find your groove. 
Hi--looking to connect with other unschooling families in Santa Fe/ Albuquerque area.  Anyone on this forum in the area?  I have an almost 5 year old boy.
I've found that the key to avoiding power struggles over breastfeeding is the same for avoiding power struggles over anything with toddlers---respond to the emotion rather than just reacting to the behavior.  So, if my son wants to nurse but I can't at the moment I acknowledge that he really, really wants it, and offer him compassion and comfort when he is sad and disappointed about not being able to nurse.  I also reassure him that we can nurse later.  This seems to...
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