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Cute pics everyone!     Becky,  Cute idea.  There is NO WAY that Coralie would have spent 1 minute in a carrier though, we didn't even try.   My kids were all zombie pirates, because you can pretty much take any costume and make it into a zombie.   Family photo with the bus
So, this is unrelated, but I need to rant about this..     Yesterday my MIL emailed my best friend on FB (who she has met maybe twice?) and her first opening message to her was, "What the hell are they thinking".  My friend was totally caught off guard, as they don't usually talk to each other.  I mean, we've known from the beginning that my IL's don't support us moving to SA, but really, this approach seems pretty childish and out of character for her.  She's a wealthy,...
Ash, Yikes!  How come we didn't hear about that, it sounds super scary!  I would definitely stay away from coconut oil too if I was you.  I'm sure there are good, healthy chocolate recipes online that don't use coconut oil, maybe palm oil instead?
Amanda,   The radio version of Thriftshop is edited..
Happy Birthday Shay and Greta!   http://ournourishingroots.com/yellow-coconut-cake-with-cocoa-buttercream-frosting/  (the frosting recipes is at the bottom, it's easy and good)  I use Kerigold butter because it's sooo good!   Ash,  If you're allergic to coconut, does that mean coconut oil too?  My chocolate recipe is 50% coconut oil, so it might not help you...?  I'm glad that ToTing went well for you guys.   Joanie,  Everyone is right, Sora is still really young for...
Joanie, That sucks!  You can still go out after 6:00 though..   We got George's passport back, so now we can plan his trip to Brazil in Dec.  Woo hoo!  
Oh, and chocolate butter frosting.  It's made from whole foods and it's almost Paleo legal (if you keep butter)..
I love chocolate.  I've literally used about 4lbs of raw cacoa powder to make chocolate desserts in the last 2 months..  Mmmm.  Sometimes I eat chocolate mousse with breakfast, because I'm an adult and I can!   Luckily, it's pretty easy to make whole-food organic chocolate.. So you shouldn't have to get rid of that!
Joanie,  Often there is a AP yahoo group for your area, or just google it and start asking around.  Sometimes you can find people on Craigslist or there might be a Facebook group that you can look at without signing up..  Or you could just find a regular parenting group that does fun stuff together and start from there, at least you'd get out and socalize.   I've met, J, Katie (paigekitten), Rachel (lilstar), Joanie and Jaimee.  I might meet Kami sometime this fall, as...
I actually think it's me that's met the most people from our original group.  I've met at least 5 of the people that were around in the beginning.    Ash, Sorry, I suck at things like remembering phrases.  Good luck with B and Halloween tonight.  Glad things went better with sleep last night.  Coralie slept like crap for some reason, boo.   Nicole,  I'm glad you like the new potential sitter.   The weather is supposed to be lovely here today (79 and sunny).  We're...
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