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Kirsten, ::big huge hugs!!::   Joanie,  I agree with Ash, it sounds like it was time to remove S from that situation.  People get to different places in their lives and you want to make sure that your child is protected and certainly not exposed to someone else's negative divorce drama.  It sounds like great timing that you'll be home with her more now.     Ash,  I already said this on FB, but nice tattoo!
My dh is tech savvy, but he might self destruct if I asked him to do something like this..  ;)
Nicole,  Yay for sleep!  It still really sucks about the job though.  At the very least you still have the job that you love for now.   Ash,  I can't wait to see the tattoo, have fun!   Coralie sleeps next to us in a toddler bed.  She's in her own space, but she's still very close if she needs something.  I don't like getting kicked either.  She's now successfully night-weaned until 6:00am, but still wakes once to pee.   When my DH was little, he was happy sleeping...
Nicole,  That sucks!   Christina,  I've found with  my kids that it's pretty easy to establish a bedtime routine around 2yo.  Just pick a nice time that you'll put him to bed every night, go through the routine and deal with a few crappy nights while he gets used to it.  It took Olivine about 3-4 days and it literally took Coralie 1 night, only 1 night!  Before that both of my girls would be up until 10-11.  After we started a solid routine they were both in bed by 8:30...
Kali,  A few people don't use Facebook, so I think it would be better elsewhere.  I'd also be willing to pay for part of a private forum.
I'm up for moving to a private site.  I will likely stay here too if that's what people want though..  Should everyone email you their vote?
It's all about seasonings and lots of fat for good flavor.  Bacon pretty much makes anything taste good, and I'm also partial to tomato paste and cheese..  Coconut milk and mild curry is often a hit here too, but it can't be spicy or the kids don't eat it.  My family is used to eating my food, and they don't complain.  George is also very particular about being polite about your food, so our kids are pretty good about that.  Sometimes I have to feed Olivine, but mostly...
Well, we eat mostly 1 pot meals that include a bit of meat, tons of veggies, lots of healthy fats and maybe some beans or lentils.  You can also make rice or quinoa on the side and mix it together.  I generally start with an onion, then add some meat, then I just throw whatever veggies in that I have laying around.   I make things in a few different flavors, Italian, coconut curry, tomato, creamy, or onion.  We eat a lot of broth and soup with tons of veggies and a little...
Good morning all!   I don't tend to run, my hips have just never been the same since I had kids.  There is no way I could run while pregnant, the moment the relaxin hits my system it's over.  I like elliptical machines or walking a few miles with Coralie on my back.  I do have an elliptical here, but it sucks to use it with small kids and getting interrupted every 4 minutes.   Nicole, Did your cousin have her baby okay?  Have a safe drive home!
Cross posted.. That sounds great Joanie, I hope you get it!
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