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Nicole,  I totally agree with what the others say.  I don't think your body is broken AT ALL, I think our medical birthing system is broken.  ::hugs::   How was your interview Joanie??
Good luck Joanie.   Becky, I think it's a good idea to move him to another room.  Although, sometimes it's easier to night-wean than you'd expect.  I would also guess that your milk will dry up soon, so that should make the whole process easier.
Oh, and one of the benefits on living here in Cali is that there is a much longer 'healthy' season, the bad winter colds haven't started here and someone commented that it usually doesn't start until Dec/Jan and it's short lived.  The weather has been perfectly lovely here lately.  
Microfiber eClothes don't kill the germs, they just pick them up.  Then you wash them away with hot soapy water when you rinse the rag out or wash it.  There's no magic, just small little fibers that pick up small little particles.  They really do get things very clean.   I rarely use anything to clean other than a rag and a little soap.  We get sick way less than Jaimee and I've known many other people that bleach the crap out of everything and they still get sick a...
I love the smell of vinegar too.   I bought some Eclothes a couple of months ago and I love them!  They really do work great and you can even clean glass with just water.  I use toilet cleaner for the inside of the bowl though.   We sold the bus!  I told the documentary family that they had until Monday and they found a private person to lend them the money until their bank loan can clear.  So long as they actually pay us on Tuesday it should all be in the clear.  Woot!
I have my kids trade in their candy for a new toy and a few organic suckers. I don't want them eating the candy, but I don't want them to miss out on Halloween either.
Nicole,  I had a good friend a long time ago that was pretty mean to my DS.  It took me a long time, but I eventually realized that the best option was to avoid spending time with her.  Our friendship ended out of resentment.  I think your best option here is to minimize the time that Conner spends with your sister, it's your job to protect him and he will become mean if everyone keeps putting that idea in his head.  :(   The party was alright.  It was well hosted,...
Sorry I've been gone today.. I was out of the house most of the day and cleaning when I was home.  We are all ready for our party tonight and just waiting for our new friends to show up for the pre-party at our house.  The actual party doesn't start until 10:00pm.  When my mom heard that 8 people were coming over she frantically cleaned the whole house.  If I knew it was that easy to convince her to clean, I would invite people over more often.   I'm SOOOO glad you're...
Kirsten,  I'm glad things went well for you today.   Sonja,  I think it would be a good idea to keep Eli in a shortish cut, but with bangs.  My nephew has a similar shaped head and that's the haircut that looks best on him..  Here's a pic..   Joanie,  Sometimes you just have to do what's best for you.  There is a balance between being stable and changing your mind, but no one really should stay miserable and it seems like the part time job you had before was a better...
Of course, I knew there were more than just those 2..  ::hugs:: and good luck today, I hope it all goes smoothly.
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