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Just Mal and Amanda.. They aren't really 'lost', just playing both teams.  ;)  I'm pretty sure Jaimee and Becky are about to become lesbians too..  Kidding..
We've lost half of our group to 'the other side'..  Sara claims there are other benefits, but I'm not convinced.
Everyone else is doing it, so why not? Joanie,  Yay about the job call back, hopefully it goes somewhere! Nice pressure canner Jaimee, it's huge! The mechanic is done working on the bus today, so we'll go pick it up this afternoon.  I'm still waiting on the first family to get their financing, the other family still wants it too if the first people fall through..  It should be sold soon.
Becky,  Shouldn't the birth control pills have regulated your period for you?  I didn't know people had irregular cycles on bcps?   Sara,  I like the longer sides, the way it is now.  Good luck with all your cooking today.   Nicole,  Glad you made it, have fun!   Jaimee,  Nice gift!   Joanie,  I think that a part time job is a good middle ground.     Sonja,  Sorry about the negative test.  :(   We have an adult Halloween party tomorrow night and I got invited...
I often feel this way too. Jaimee, We don't have any new news on the bus.  I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what's up.
Wow, I hope you get so lucky on the way back.. My experience is that the last couple of hours of really long trips can be awful.. Woo hoo!  It might not be bad, but I'd say just over half is really sad!  I can't imagine not talking with my kids teachers! It's normal.. I've seen 3 hour tantrums.. :/Olivine did that at that age too, but she's not jealous at all now, it's actually Coralie that gets jealous of Olivine.  I think it's the age really..
Kirsten,  Hugs again.   Joanie,  There is a theory that when we all ate a traditional, whole foods diet that our mouths were wider and the wisdom teeth had plenty of room to come in.  I do believe though that the basic premise is that they're another set of teeth that you get when you're older to replace missing teeth.  I had my 1 remaining wisdom tooth come in when I was like 27 or something..  The dentist I saw said that so long as I can brush it, it's fine to leave it...
DARN,  I hope you can all forgive me!   (the nude butt smilie is because I didn't send enough naked Snaps last night)
I only brush Coralie's hair when we're leaving the house..  Sometimes it's a terrible nappy mess.
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