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 Live and learn and kick your sister out too!
Nicole, Male mice are good too.   Sara,  I agree with the others, crawl around and see if something is leaking..  Otherwise it's plugged somewhere in the line maybe?  Is your bathtub and shower working in the bathroom?
I think you should buy about 10 more pet mice from the store and set them free.  Your cat will love it AND maybe your sister will move out.  Just make sure you get all females!
Thanks guys!  She's a long way from needing a haircut, but it is finally growing in!
I can send some cheapie ones too if need, I have like 50 or something..  Ha ha.
Hi Becky!     I can see how a person can use the mini-pill wrong, but the Depo shot, that one is hard to screw up??   I would like the group to be private too, I'm open to moving anywhere..
Nicole,   In my experience, weight loss goes in waves.  I'm sure the rest of the weight will come off.  Yay for buttoning pants!   Jaimee, I forgot to respond to your question the other day..  I actually think it would have taken Cyan a year to learn how to do chores.  A lot of it was the work ethic part, doing something again and again until you get it right, sticking things out until the end and double checking your own work.  These are things that take a while for...
Cute pics, she looks so grown up.  :)
Yes, I agree, Ash must get better Snaps than me too..  Unless it's me sending the funny Snaps...?  ;)
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