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The rights we have through our charter of rights is the same as those covered by your constitution. Thats all I was meaning. I don't believe Warrents are related to either.
  You do know we have the charter of rights, right?? A lot of our basic rights are pretty much the same as the US, we even have a few extra (like the right to basic health care) Police do still need a warrant or reasonable suspicion to enter a home. CAS is not run through the police though.   I have had CAS called on me. My daughter has an extremely rare congenital defect that can make it appear as if her right leg is covered in bruises. We've had no less 8 calls about...
I wouldn't do it personally. Seems like a lot of unnecessary hassle and confusion. Not to mention I dislike the idea of kids having to share a name beyond the last name. Both my girls have DH's last name, and I do now too, it was a PITA when mine was different.
  I got the flu shot with DD#1 (13 weeks) she's six no issues at all, she's been sick 2 times in her life.   No flu shot with DD#2 (no time) and she's 3 she has Aspergers.   Just because you got the flu shot doesn't mean that's why your child has aspergers. I wouldn't recommend lying or being sneaky, it could land you in a lot more trouble then its worth. Including being fired.    
My thoughts based on my personal experience, would be to leave him be for now. You don't want to be a battle of wills. DD#2 will be 3 in May and she's also not into potty training.   DD#1 wasn't either. I backed off DD#1 compleatly and she eventually just decided for herself she was ready. Sh e was 3 months shy of 3 when she just came down stairs in underpants a said "I don't need diapers anymore" (she was really vocal for her age) She never looked back.   DD#2...
Very normal :)
A gift is a gift. Be greatfull and move on. Think of all the people in the world who have no choice, no one who cares, no money, no nothing. If you trully don't like it return it or donate it. I have a policy, if a person is picky about the gifts I get them, I stop getting them, if a person doesn't like it and donates it, then its no big deal, but to say something or demand gifts that fit your (general) views is ungreatful and rude.
I've also done years of research which supports vaccines. 99% of the "information" I've found that is anti-vax is fear based and has no backing what so ever.   Its a lot of "the world is out get us" stuff and really doesn't help and in fact makes people shake their head and dismiss non-vaxers because of it. Sure there are a few who have had bad experiences, after all it does happen, but the risks are not as high as many non-vaxers want us to think. Yes there is...
I would uninvight someone to my childs party if they intentionally exposed their children to CP Just because you want your kids to get them doesn't mean everyone else does. I also have an immunocomprimised child and would be angry if someone knowingly exposed my child to them.
Of course I expect them too. Same as I expect them to have all other manners. You can't get far in life if your rude. I also make sure I say it to them so I can be a good example.
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