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Good for you guys.  :)
haha I know it's TORTURE!!!! I used to be known as 'The cookie monster'. (Even in my 20's!) I'm trying to be good.  But my 12 yr old is VERY strict cause she does not want zits.  I like it cause she's way healthier now. (She had a few problems before.)
Oh I see it's TX.  Music is very big there!
Wow that's impressive. What area of the world do you live where these kids are making names for themselves?
Hey Onyxfire.  She has JUST matured if you know what I mean, so her voice majorly dropped.  Example, here is about 2 yrs earlier:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSAZhQvXgDo  You can see she is struggling to get deep like Lady gaga but just can't. haha cute though. 
I'd totally let her have the sleepover. You don't want her to not have friends just because of her sexual orientation.
My 12 yr drinks TONS of water.  I just told her to great for her skin and girls that age like to look at themselves in the mirror right?  Mine is at that stage anyway.
I totally agree!  At this boy's age, would it be too late?  Maybe she can go away with him alone to bond, camping or something. ??
I just wanted to say it sounds like you are being an awesome mom!!!!! The son sounds like he is being a naughty child, even though maybe he is an adult now.  You did all you can do, once they are in college, you can be done with your duties.  Doesn't sound like he is appreciating you.  Don't be his door mat.
Thank you!  I'm such a geek. I'm not such a bragger in real life. hehe
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