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Yes, it went really well. The teacher said there were so many kids talking and being bratty, and she wanted them all to work together so she just did it. She said that she will apoligize to Angie cause she is one of the best behaved kids in the class. And yes this teacher is very new. This is her second year only. I think she'll start trying to punish the naughty ones and leave the good ones next time. Hope so. Thanks for giving me the courage!
I like the heads down and relax thing. I'm going to that thing tonight and will take the teacher to the side and have a gentle word with her.
That's a tough one. I would say 'oh it's ok stay'. But really if it's been a couple hrs and everyone left, I'd want to start cleaning up. If I were you, I'd start grabbing my things and if she is like ok, I guess you have to go, then I'd continue, but if she's sort of trying to put my stuff down and REALLY asks me to stay, then I'd stay. Hard to tell though.
Quote: Originally Posted by laundrycrisis I would personally inform the teacher that my child has been instructed by me to walk out of any detention for anything she didn't personally do,. Well what happens if she did do something at one point, then the teacher would have absolutely no control. No I think she should do her time if told BUT then try to educate this teacher on disciplin.
DAMN!!! I hate that. I got the answering machine. I was all ready to give my speech. Friendly but to the point. I know she was stressed out after school. There are a LOT of totally brats at that school so I don't blame her for being stress out! But don't take it out of the few well behaved ones. Anyway, I'll keep trying to call, then I'll report back. Oh and Angie said the only thing she said in class was 'quit jumping around' to her friend that only knows...
That's it! I'm phoning right now!
I just don't want for to start being a disruptive child since she's in trouble for it anyway.
I mean (THROW) oops DD has a teacher for just a couple hrs a week. When a couple kids are talking and being brats, she makes the whole class have detentions. I don't think that's right do you? BTW my dd hates when kids talk in class, drives her nuts. So she gets really upset when she has to serve these detentions. I'm thinking of calling the teacher. So I want to know if I'm being an idiot first. ha ha Michele
Ok I'll go do the baking soda. thanks. We put the matress up and turned the little heater on facing it. It gets pretty hot in that room. Well we left for awhile and came back and found the poor dog was trapped in there. oops. He was a hot dog when we got back. (we took him for a nice walk in the rain to cool him off.)
I never do unless I know them REALLY well, like family only. I just will say 'wow you look really great or something'. I had a patient with anorexia so I'm very careful about that. Plus I'm careful how I act and speak about my body as well because of having a dd. I say I think *I* look great, (even though there are AREAS). he he
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