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My 12 yr old has dyslexia.
Get her to put a hair band around her hair at night.  You don't want hair touching your face cause hair is pretty greasy. PLUS NO SUGAR. I think those are the most important things. Then think about fats, cut down on meat etc.
My child is not a straight A student or great at acedemics so when friends are bragging about reports cards etc, I stay silent.  But she did make this 007 Adele song on the computer on youtube so I would LOVE to share it with SOMEONE. I think she has a great voice for a 12 yr old.  I'm thinking of putting her in a singing competition, if I can find one.  hehe  If you want to take a look at her youtube clip, I would very much appreciate it.  Thank you!   ...
Well this isn't 2 weeks after her period, it's 5 days.  And this morning she said she's never seen such a wet pad this morning.  she's super pale too. Plus she has been experiencing stomach aches 'all the time' for about a month and a half.  So we took her off dairy and she a little better but it's still there.  I booked a dr.s appoint for today @ 4:05. I'll let you all know what happens. ps. I'm always so paranoid. 
Hi there. My 12 yr old dd got her period in sept for the first time. It's been erratic. But today she got her period only 12 days after starting the last one. Should we get a dr.s appoint?   Thank you. Michele
Hi there, I'm new here at this section. I'm Michele and my dd wants to homeschool. Her teacher is a really mean woman from Scotland. If she calls on you in class and you don't know the answer, she will say stuff like 'come on, this isn't rocket science!' She's so insensitive. Anyway my dd has had enough and refuses, flat out, to go. Locks herself in the bathroom. I'm not the homeschooling type but I guess I have to start to be. I feel absolutely sick about...
Waldorf school.  She went to one for a couple weeks in Frrance.  Plus i spoke to a couple waldorf teachers here in Canada that say in Europe the kids have more respect because it's actually taught.  Angie notice when she was there, they give hmwk. etc.
oh and by the way, they had a course in Sex Ed in grade 5 in her new school. Also someone here said it's up to me to teach her that stuff.  I did!  As much as I could, but I like the idea someone else doing it too to catch any points I may have not covered.
That not being taught in class had no bearing on pulling her out.  That's such a small thing compared to the bullying (boys actually beating on her) and if that wasn't enought my dd was crying because she was sick and tired of the teacher going on about fairy's and knomes instead of learning real stuff.  I know people will say well, you don't know yourr leearning but you are.  No she wasn't.  The teacher said about 3/4 of the class is behind in math but they only have 1...
Thanks for the dvd idea.  I would totally do that but instead I just took her out of Waldorf School.  Now she's learning way more of academics as well.  :)
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