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Hi there. We changed from a Waldorf school to a different school in Sept.  My dd is in grade 5. The teacher told everyone to write an essay and said you can type it 'if you want' except my dd - you need to learn to type so you must type it. It was due today. I guess everyone else knows how to type.  My child would take about 3 days straight if I made her type it!  I typed the darn thing for her. Is there a book or online course that can teach her to type? I...
Imakcerka:  I love you!  ha ha you're so funny!
hahaha :)  
Makes sense to me.  How old are your kids? Thank you for responding.   Michele
she also calls me mom.  I never had a problem with it.  I am her parent but we do hang out a  lot.  Like yesterday we went to a fun park and played for about an hour, laughing and having a grreat time.  We mt.bike, run, hike, play together  as much as possible.  I also disapline her and am quite strict, therefore she is not a brat and NEVER has we got in trouble for being a brat at school.  She is 11. So, yesterday our extended family and our family (3 of us...
I also agree with what Melaniee is saying.  As soon as my child says 'I'm bored, can I watch tv?'  I say no and wait like 1 minute and the girl is doing something creative! Now having said that, we took her out in grade 5 because she felt she needed some academics.    So I think it's wonderful to be at a Waldorf in the younger ages, then get out in about grade 3.  UNLESS you have a teacher that is into academics, we did not.
Actually we ended up quiting that school.  It was ridiculous with no academics.  Now she goes to a different private school with a uniform and is allowed to wear the head scarf if she chooses, not that it is a big deal now anyway.
The problem is at snack time, mid morning, 4 out of the 5 days a week, it a MUFFIN!   Those aren't healthy?  It's a blueberry with fake blue berries or today it was Chocolate so my 11 yr old daughter just went without a snack. She's super healthy, doesn't eat Sugar.  I've spoke to a few parents and they are like 'what's wrong with a dang muffin?'   Am I being too picky? (It's expensive tuition)   Thanks. michele
hm that's wierd that a parent would be so worried that her daughter can't be a diva!  And it is corrupting other children with pop music nowadays.  My dd got told once too last year. Pretty superficial.  I'm more worried about the education, not the clothes.  Who cares.
thank you gals.  :)
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