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I love it when other people update so I thought I will too.  So you don't have to say 'whatever happened with that?'.   For the last couple years I've been talking about our trials and tribulations here.  Most of the mom's here are INCREDIBLY generous, smart and kind. I don't know if you all remember me but for the ones who have helped me, Thank You! Our dd has been in Waldorf for grade 3 and 4.  She now loves learning and education, thanks to Waldorf. There...
Thank you..  that means a lot.  I don't know anything about singing. The the end was cool, it was a cold ocean too.  hehe  
I liked that article Linda. So many girls are worried about every thing that's not magazine worthy!  So we need to stop  to be truely happy. Is she constipated?  Tummy that sticks out and is quit hard to the touch? That used to be me growing up until I was 20 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  After I got my thyroid pills, I was fine.  Bowels were quite slow.  
thanks.  :)
Hi there.  I couldn't find a bragging section so I"m going to put it here.  Have to show someone.  Here's my 10 yr old singing.  hehe   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlwXy-3WQmg    
Sounds like your hubby is pretty controlling.  We were born NAKED.  Why be embarrassed or awkard about your own body.  Weird.  He's making a thing where there isn't one.  I sometimes get caught by my dd running to the tub or my room naked.  Who cares!
You're being a little bit painful. I said several times that I taught her most of the stuff.  And *I* am going to look for a video, I didn't say that she will be searching on-line for info about sex ed.  haha  That would be rediculous. Anyway, I didn't come on here to argue but I feel like I'm having to defend myself.  I'm done.  
oh good suggestion!  Thank you so much!     
just a video online.  For some reason I thought there would be a good one somewhere here.   
I know what her son knows.  She told me she wants to keep him in the dark about that stuff. In waldorf they are a year later than normal schools.  The kids arre 10 and 11.  So that's like grade 5 in normal schools. And thanks, I did provide it, just looking for more info. Nevermind mtiger.
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