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Just to let you all know I am NOT uncomfortable talking about sex and puberty education.  We've spoken about all that since she could talk.  No problems there! Just wondering if there was a video on the internet, on youtube or where ever that the schools use.  I know I've missed some good scientific tid bits in all our convo's.  I've printed off a good pamplet from an Always site.  When I talk about bringing pads to school in her nap sack, just in case, she refuses. ...
My 10 yr old is starting to go through puberty.  Breasts are not buds anymore, moody, b.o. and hair. I've told her stuff but I would feel better if they went throught it at school, like what I got in school.  I know I probably missed important info.  I liked the once over that I got in school. She goes to a Waldorf School and the teacher says the kids can wait until grade 6.  Well my child is needs it now in grade 4.  The kids are 10 and 11 and other girls are like...
Hot flashes could be a thyroid imbalance.  Mine is too slow but her's sounds like it's too fast. Simple bld test could be the answer.
anyone anyone?
Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here for awhile. Angie's schooling has been going REALLY well.  The boy that was bullying everyone quit so that was a huge relieve.   Onto the next problem.  (There's always got to be some concern somewhere.) Anyway,  in grade 4 there are children in my daughter's class who are 10 and 11. My dd is maturing big time.  She's 10.  I was 14 when I got my menst. but I think her's is coming soon.  I try to tell her all...
Ok I DID NOT bicker in front of the child to the teacher!    
because on the whole, she's happy there.  And no matter where we are at, I'm going to find something to bitch about. :)
oh no you didn't sound snarkey AT ALL.  no no no!  You're right, when some Waldorf school and teachers still getting too controlling, parents like me getting kind of weirded out. Our school is majorly talking about implementing UNIFORMS!!!  Just because of a few grade 8 girls are dressing terribly, the rest of us may have to suffer!  And when I say terribly I mean (you know um revealing).
 Yes, I think it's a bit much.  ;)
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