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Well good for you!
Here's a pic of her hair the day she got told: https://picasaweb.google.com/michelermt/AngieSHair#5574527666782009378   I know now it's because the long hunk was in her face.  It had nothing  to do with the curls as you can see her hair wasn't that curly.  By the way, I wore sponge rollers in my hair EVERY night from kindergarden to grade 2.  So it's not a teen thing. (I hated those curls!)  Also the teacher had NO idea that she streaked her hair.  Plus her hair...
oooh ha ha. No she curled it with sponge rollers the night before.  But it turned out just a little waveyish. he he  
hehe no she didn't even notice.  It's so natural looking. 
Yes I agree.  I chatted with her after school and she backed down.  :)
This is what she typed to me:   No, her hair is not messy.  Part of her hair was pulled back today, with a section curled and loose in the front.  I thought she may have forgotten to pull it back with the rest of her hair, but that was not the case and though it was not a distraction for her, I would question the style for our learning environment.  I did not share that with her.         I am going to talk to the teacher today after school.  now!
She puts it all in a pony tail at the back and leaves a chunk of hair along the front/side that's NOT hanging in her face.  It looks nice.  Yesterday the teacher said it's not appropriete  for class learning.  But today was parent watching day and there were 3 other girls with a hunk of hair just like this and one girl was SUCKING the hanging hair! Has anyone heard of this rule? She's 10.  ANd doesn't have green hair.  No makeup no slutty clothes. And does not...
yeay!  Thank you!
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