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Turns out she was fine after a couple hrs.  Maybe she was dramaing it up a bit?? I bought her some sport type bras in case she wakes up with the swell pain again.  Went to Walmart and I could believe the little training bra every seems to wear nowadays!!! LIttle unwire PADDED push-up bras!!! Why would a mom let her young tween/ teen wear that? Uncomforable for one and trampy for  two. Fine for older teens but not 10 - 13 yr olds.  Anyone know any websites like lulu...
Really?  In Both boobs???
She was lying in bed crying this morning.  She said both her breasts really hurt baD. She seems to grow a little puffiness overnight.  She said both hurt and about 3 inches around her nipples. She cried all the way to school.  Stopped just before we reached her school.  I asked how she was now and she said she didn't want to talk about. So I dropped her off. Now I'm worried that she's still in pain. WHAT? I don't remember that much pain!   Did it hurt...
Thank you.  It's raining here so hopefully the teacher thinks the sparkle on her nail is just wet from the rain. I'll let you know if she gets busted today. 
Sounds gorgeous.  My dd actually really wanted lime green nail polish.  Too bad.  :(
Thanks.  Yes, she's VERY happy. I know the teacher won't notice her hair at all but I hope she doesn't notice the sparkles in her nails.  I told my dd if the teacher tells her to 'go to the washroom and pick it off,'  To tell her she's not allowed.
http://picasaweb.google.com/michelermt/SpaDayJan2011#   You can see the before picture of her on the right.  :)
:(  Dying your hair a darker color is what is bad for you.  Can't believe she made her do that.  sick. :(
I haven't seen anyone else with their hair coloured at all. We'll just ask for highlights, that are very subtle.  Hopefully, they do turn out subtle.  ha ha
There's nothing on the dress code re:ing hair.  :(
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