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Hers, cause her friends from out of town got them. And they look good.  What difference does that make?  Wondering what the teacher is going to think.
I love it.  Lots of windows.  Nice table and chairs.  And SHELVES!!!  I love shelves, so you can have somewhere for the toys to go after playing. Beautiful!
Hi there. I want to take my daughter to the hairdressor's to get some blond highlights/streeks put in her already blond hair.  Just a few tasteful/natural looking ones that are not too bright. I'm worried the teacher will get mad at us.  If she sees nail polish on a girls nails, she makes them go to the bathroom and pick it all off.   Normally at this school, the kids can't even wear words or pictures of any sort on their clothes so they're pretty strick about...
It's of just the staff.  Just wondering if other Waldorf Schools do this? I'ts about an hour long with lots of singing and a pretty big script of text as well.   The also the children's xmas recital but on a seperate evening, the teachers do their Shepard's play. Thank you. Michele
I'm still mad.  The first thing I openned last Xmas was a dang 'toilet paper holder'.     He said 'well we needed one.'
I just don't like the word 'poor' for meaning no money. I would say we don't have much money but we are RICH with love, happiness, whatever.
Ok I just put up a pic of Dh and I.  We look silly cause he put those glass's on that he doesn't even need and I put that hair thing in.  (And I have no makeup on :(    How old do we look? Everyone should get into this. This is fun.
I was going to say you look 18 and your dh looks 25.   This is a fun game. How old do I look.  omg that avatar pic of me is icky.
my last reply got lost or something.  I'll write it again.  I don't know if she'll feel up to singing on Sat. I don't think you're being bitchy AT ALL!  I love hearing all points of view!
ok I have to say that pic of the little redhead climbing the stairs on a mission is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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