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Frankly, I'm not going to bother. Anything I say you'll have some defense to it and going back and forth on MDC is not going to help your son. What I think isn't important but what's going on with your beautiful  baby is.     
I pray your son is not being abused. I truly hope he's not but clearly there are problems. Whether it's sexual abuse hasn't been founded but something is occurring with your son that isn't okay. And no, CPS should not have invented something to make your mother feel good but they should have kept an open case until there is some consistency and/or resolution to your sons issues.     
Doesn't it concern you in the least bit that your partner has been accused several times? Please use all of the energy you seem to have for defending your DP to finding out what is happening with your precious baby. Your DP is an adult but a three year old is helpless to what may be occurring here. It's not funny for a child to have an animal lick his private area and to continue to do it. Frankly, I'm shocked CPS in your state was so quick to close the case. They're...
Have you asked him why he wants the dog to lick his private area? I agree with the other posters. Your DS needs help and he needs help ASAP.  I know you don't believe your partner could have done anything to hurt him and hopefully he hasn't but something is seriously wrong and your son needs help NOW. I am curious to know how your partner responded to your text. You say it's not your partner, you say it's not the new pre-school. It's SOMETHING! Something is wrong here...
LOL. Edited! Thank you.   
How old is your DD, OP? Honestly and gently, why do you have to convince him of anything? Can you imagine if he got a book to convince you that your beliefs regarding Disney/marketing were wrong and parents who don't allow characters are depriving their children? Seriously. Why can't you both win? Maybe no character items until a certain age and then not go overboard with it? You can't come up with a compromise that works for you both?   You detest marketing but he...
The new season starts tonight. Anyone going to watch?
A wonderful update! You're a wonderful sister!
Not really. Normally, I go on and on about stuff but sometimes  I respond with no or yes when I feel like my reasons aren't going to bring anything to the thread or my personal reason may come off as offensive.
Mildred Pierce is one of my favorite movies and so far, I am disappointed by this
New Posts  All Forums: