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3.Break Away Kings, Damages, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Southland, Detroit 187, The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets, The Shield.
I see your point. For me, it's the intent behind the person saying the word whether it's trash or classless. I think a lot of people (I know I do) use words for different reasons than the dictionary intends. I often see an old person knocked down so someone can get a seat on the subway or  bus and I always find myself calling the person trash (in my head) but I mean it for the way it's intended in the dictionary. For me, that's a worthwhile reason to use the word.    But...
It's nice that the kids still have a birthday playdate. My DD isn't old enough to feel left out yet.I hope though when she is I'll deal with it a lot better than what I've been witnessing.   HBM, so true about the FB app. I'm not sure if the decision to not invite DD's was the moms or daughters. It was sweet of her to say something but I told her I understand. DD's birthday is going to be small as always. I make a big deal about the goody bags. All the kid want to do is...
I'd be totally upset if someone predicted my baby would be born two months premature. It's a mean thing to say even as a joke. Even if she's trying to pass the baby off as his and you think it isn't,that's really his business.   Annettemarie, I use the words trashy and classless a lot but it's never in relation to a persons marital status, where they live, language etc. If I see someone try and knock down an old person to get a seat on the  bus, I'll think "what a...
DD sometimes plays with a girl who's a couple of years older than she is. The mom are pretty tight so they play with each other if one of us is at the others home. My friend called me up to tell me her DD's upcoming bday party is going to be a small group of little girls her age and she wanted to make sure I wasn't going to feel slighted because she wasn't inviting DD. Very thoughtful of her to make the call though I wouldn't have been slighted. However, another friend...
I agree with this. What is your DH's response when she's griping and complaining. Nothing can be gained by your DH telling you what his mother says except making you feel more animosity towards her. At some point, he's going to have to shut her down when she starts complaining about his wife.      
Have you tried Stride Rite or Zappos.com? Last year we bought DD's sandals from Stride Rite and Payless. We found two styles of Payless sandals that were better quality and more comfortable than the Stride Rite ones. You can definitely find a pair of good sandals for $50.
I'm not sure where you're located but the class DD would have taken (she won't be three when it starts and they aren't willing to budge even though she'll be three by the 3rd class) is via the parks and recreation which offers free and discounted programs for kiddos.     
He went to go get his supervisor to intervene. The way the program works, my DH doesn't have the authority to throw anyone out even though the parents were acting like complete you know whats. The supervisor is not going to suspend the parents. He thinks talking to the parents about the unacceptable behavior will suffice   Super moon?  That would explain why I've been in such a stinky mood.  
I really love the ones with black sequins. I'll try anything that can keep my feet comfortable and have my toes exposed during the summer.
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