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ITA. This was beyond ridiculous. All I can do is .    
Any last minute predictions before the final episode tonight?
It sounds like you guys had a great time! I'm smacking my lips at the ginger sesame glazed mahi mahi. Why are some of the best restaurants hole in the walls? LOL     I'm so ready for consistent warm weather so my feet don't have to be cooped up in boots or sneakers. I'd like to get a pedicure and walk out with my flip flops on.    
Wow, OP. Is there anything your parents can do at this point to get her coverage ASAP even if you have to, unfortunately,lead them by the hand to do?     
Has anyones toddler taken a ballet class? One of our great state parks has a pretty nice cultural program for the Spring and Summer. One of the classes offered is Toddler Ballet and I thought it would be nice to sign up DD. Unfortunately, it doesn't work where I can go for a trial first and then decide. If anyone had a positive experience with this kind of class, would you please share. TIA
I really loved Gallagher's and we ate a great meal at the Mirage where we were staying. This was years ago though. We also had a great and super cheap steak and lobster tail at Binions. If I remember correctly  it was 9 bucks.
Thank you Holly Bears Mom. How was vacation? Did you get to try any new foods or experience an amazing meal you'd like to talk about?    I am really looking forward to the weather warming up. We had a 73 degree day on Friday (today it's 38 degrees) and I'm jazzed about more good weather. So many wonderful outdoors things to do.   DH took DD to her gym class this morning and it's the first time I've had the apartment to myself for a few hours and I have no idea...
We usually have the opposite issue. A ton of shirts and not as many pants. We do laundry every week but like to have enough clothes just in case laundry isn't done on schedule. For winter, 14 pairs of socks, enough long sleeved shirts and about 4 to 5 sweaters in the winter. Four to five pairs of long john sets (top and bottom), two winter scarfs (the around the neck ones), two pairs of gloves (next year though we'll get four because those things get so filthy quickly),...
OP, I can understand you being angry and resentful towards your ex. However, for the sake of the children you have to start learning to let that go. Anger can cloud your judgement and you may find yourself saying or doing things that will unintentionally be hurtful to the well being of your sons. The sleeping on the floor wouldn't bother me unless the child complained they were cold or something like that. When I was a kid I loved sleeping on the floor at a friends house...
What an awful situation OP. Since your sister is 18, can she apply for medicaid on her own? With no income, I would think she would qualify. Some medical facilities have an office that can help her with the paperwork. I suggest looking into that if she's not wanting to move. Have you discussed the possibility of her moving with you and your family. Do you know why your parents are being so lax with her insurance. 
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