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DH said he held his head down and honestly didn't think the boy cared about being captain anyway. They were having fun until the dad decided to act like a you know what.    
I don't mind signing. LOL    
I think I love you    
We hear all kinds of words I'd rather DD not repeat on the subway, walking down the street, etc. from the f bomb to the n word. I'm pretty bold and confrontation can be my weakness but I would never ask anyone to stop cursing (except if in my home).I'd move if the language was that bothersome though. Fortunately, DD hasn't repeated anything but if she did I'd tell her not to use the word.
MDC has made me further appreciate what a great husband I have, helped me come to terms with MIL issues in a way that's healthy for me and my marriage and do further research on vaccines.    
Agree 100% with this post.    
This really bothers me. It's such a rude question to ask. My neighbor gets this a lot and it really used to bother her but now she replies, "Truthfully, I'm not sure who the father or fathers could be. They were conceived during my wild days."After that the person asking the question has nothing left to say! LOL    
Richard is starting to bug me as well. His insecurity is annoying and his "i should win everything attitude" makes me roll my eyes.   Was sorry to see Carla go. I really enjoy her spirit and personality.
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