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I'll DVR it. I'm looking forward to it especially to see how Robin blends in with the family.
Up at 7:30 am for a quick 20 minute workout. Shower at 8:15 after getting DD dressed. Breakfast at 8:30. Emails checked and confirmation of lunch date confirmed. 9:30 am- surfing the net while DD watches a show and then headed out for the rest of the morning and afternoon.
Forgot to post last night so I'll start today.   8:15- woke up to a cell phone vibrating. Wasn't mine. Not sure where the sound came from. DD woke up shortly after. Got her dressed. Had breakfast. 9:00 am a couple of telephone calls and emails 9:30 got dressed 10:18 putting on our coats for a short trip to BJ's, Target and Michaels.
I love this. I'll post when DD goes to bed.
I agree with this. I think it's okay to gently correct a child's speech. OP, is it more annoying because you are living there? Maybe it would be less irritating if it were something you didn't have to hear all of the time?    
Thanks. You know, I imagined being ticked off at her 5 years from now or longer and I realized that would say more about me and less about her.    
Last night DH and I were waiting for one of the characters to go to outer space. That's how silly I think the show was. It's all over the place and they're trying to clear up a lot of loose ends in a short amount of time. I really felt for Marg though. THey never take her seriously and she just wants to do something that makes her happy and gives her a sense of purpose. With each episode, I keep changing how I want the show to end.    The other senator who really...
I've had a lot of issues with my MIL and as a result of alot of things she's done and said, have held on to a lot of anger towards her. It had gotten to the point where  I had a splitting headache if I spoke to her for 30 seconds. MIL is not my cup of tea and I am sure I am  not hers. Fortunately, DH and I are on the same page about not having DD alone with her. IL issues are no longer a source of contention in my marriage so being angry is just a waste of my time and...
We were outside of the church taking photos and one of those double decker tourist buses drove by.The people clapped and the ones on the top waved. The photographer has a photo of us waving and of the people waving back. It's so cute.
We took DD shortly after she turned 2. My dentist suggested she come in just to look at her teeth so she can be comfortable.She looked in her mouth,gave her a toothbrush and warned us against giving gummy vitamins which we don't anyway.
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