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I don't agree with OPs MIL but I have to agree with this. It's the reason I don't post pics of DD or any other family pics on FB.    
MamitaM, in the long run it sounds like it will be good the landlord never called you back. All of this back and forth and indecision on the current renters side and the landlord not returning the calls is starting to sound scammy. Maybe it's my NY'er in me but I wouldn't be surprised if the landlord and current renter have some scam going on. I hope things work out with the other place you're interested in.
I agree with Lynn. Ignore it.
I felt bad for Jasmine last night but agree she and Crosby don't work well together. I don't particularly care for him with Gaby either though. I was surprised her meddlesome mama wasn't in Crosby's face to remind him of how irresponsible she feels he is.
Me too. I'm living vicariously through you and OP. Sitting here salivating just thinking about the buffet at the Rio.    
Yep. Even received an invite stating "monetary gifts preferred". My DH thinks the show Bridezilla makes couples think they can do anything because it's "their day"    
Crunchy_Mommy, we were once invited to a wedding where the bride and groom asked you to include a money order (NO CHECKS!) for $40 if you were bringing additional uninvited guests. LOL
I'd call one more time. Hope it works out for you.
I wouldn't be offended. It's different than something I've ever heard of but I'd bring a tasty dish and look forward to experiencing something different.      
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