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I absolutely love food. I enjoy cooking it, trying out new items and talking about it. DH is into food too but not quite as strongly as me. We went to this great steak place to celebrate Valentine's Day and nearly two weeks later I can still smile about this oyster amuse bouche. I've never forgotten a good meal I've eaten. For me, food is about nutrition (though not always), enjoyment and having special time with someone you love. My daughter, who is really particular...
You're not the poster I'd take advice from on what's correct, incorrect or proper to teach children. FWIW, my question was specifically about whether or not vagina is a bad word not using proper terminology when referring to our private areas. Quote:
If that happened I'd be totally bummed. I'd love to see Carla, Richard, Dale and Antonio in the final four as well. I'm hoping that preview is just to get everyone to watch tonights episode. Maybe it looks more serious than it is. DH has joked that this is the longest season ever of Top Chef. He feels like it's  been on a full year. LOL  
I absolutely LOVED that show and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. What episode are you up to? It was so juicy and when Blair Underwood (I just think he's delicious) came on the show I just melted.
This and LOL at Vaa China. Cute.   Journeymom, LOL.  
Did anyone see the new preview for tomorrow's episode? It was very different from the one that was shown on the end of the previous episode. I'll put it as a spoiler just in case no one wants to know before tomorrows show.     [[SPOILER]]
I agree with this.  
I agree with what's in bolded. First find out if it was sad. So many things get lost in translation with the he said/she said thing.   I also agree with VisionaryMom in that I can understand their points but would not appreciate having it delivered to me in that way.  
I've never heard nunu before either. I don't know what it means.  
Took DD to the bathroom today at a bookstore. In the stall she says out loud, "remember, wipe vagina front to back."  Another child was outside of the stall and said, "she said vagina mom. isn't that a bad word." And the mothers response was, "yes, just say nunu. you wipe your nunu from front to back."   Really? I didn't realize some kids are taught that vagina is a bad word.   ETA: I know many people use a different term for vagina but the vagina is a bad word...
New Posts  All Forums: