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Where is my disagree(1) button when I freaking need it... *sigh*
This last baby, (11/08) I thought I may have gotten my period 31 days ago. Very early for me. Bled heavy one day, then off and on spots for a few days. Not a normal period for me. Yes we had unprotected sex, yes I'm usually regular, no I'm not charting, because I shouldn't be fertile yet. Did this unusual bleeding happen to anyone else here? I assume it happens. Just new for me. Thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by jeminijad If bottle babies are at higher risk for obesity, is my EBF DD in the same boat because I eat a great deal of dairy? I'm thinking no. They've done studies on breastfed infants and obesity.
My midwife just moved up to Sandpoint. I miss her. I miss the panhandle too though. Her name is Carrie Blake. Very affordable, and just plain awesome.... Found her link! She settled in Hayden. http://www.geocities.com/kidwraps/
I love your dc's names! Kellen and Ainsley.
My husband teases me about how the straps, erm, ah,... "frame" the girls.
Quote: Originally Posted by babsbob My daughter actuall said the F word a week or so ago and I just said "oh my gosh, don't ever say that in front of grandma!". Isn't it bizarre that that was my first reaction? : Same here.
Sorry, I was feeling so over that comment that I forgot I wanted to give you a . Although I have a husband (still poor though ), I was raised by the most amazing single mother. I know what you're going through. Hang in there! You'll do just fine!
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