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Great recommendations. So far here's what I've found: Dr. Kute - Nearby and looks promising; will check to see if they take our health insurance Dr. Owen - not accepting new patients Dr. LeDuc - Nearby and looks promising; will check to see if the take our health insurance Dr. Hellman - called and they don't accept my health insurance   This is great info. Keep it coming. I'm researching all recommendations. You all are great.   Thanks so much!
Hi all,   I am looking for a new pediatrician for my two-year old daughter. I live in the Perimeter area, but I don't mind driving to another area. We have been going to Piedmont Pediatrics. They have a great nurse line and front desk, but our pediatrician no longer meets our needs.   We are raising her vegan; we vaccinate with caution; we co-sleep. Therefore, we are looking for someone who has these qualities: -Supportive of our parenting choices -Thorough...
I know this is an older post, but how are things with the Haro? I am considering one for my daughter who is turning two. I had the same question about the foot rest. Any updates on how your daughter is using hers now?
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