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Yes, that was pretty hard with my first birth. I had told them I'd like to leave quickly, but they insisted on the pediatrician to come by first, which of course is not available at 2am, except in real emergencies, then breastfeeding wasn't easy and I was told the best help I could get would be the hospital, which was not true.   I guess I could have fought harder, but I was tired and didn't have the energy.     Regarding Birth Balls, I was told to ask for a towl to sit...
Mine are here too :) Thank you so much for all the sorting!
In Mexico women wrap a rebozo around their waste. A rebozo can be great during labor for backpain and help for squatting.   In Japan they use a sarashi. I would not do it this tight during pregnancy, it is traditionally more corsett-like, but one can vary the strength. Here is an example how to do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU2thhFGnw4
One more thing - my doula said she would also bring her toolkit, which has led candles, aromatherapy stuff, massage rollers and much more. So, in case you have one, you might want to discuss your packing list with her :)
The LED candles are quite sweet and can make a calm atmosphere  :)   I suggest bringing everything that one is really specific (femine products, soap, music etc.) about.
Casmer,   my hospital has all kinds of massage balls and heat cold packs available. They also have nursing pillows and gazillions of towls. Candles are not allowed and they provide great maternity pads, the ice once are great.   I second the snacks, though, the options are not great and mostly not very healthy. Also, I remember last time feeling so starved after labor, they found a little sandwhich for me, but not much food in the middle of the night and...
Jynxgirl, I admire your plan to bake on the day you come home from the hospital! I could not imagine to do that. Could you get away with lactation tea or freezing the cookies ahead of time?   1) Breastpads are there to soak up leaking breastmilk. A lot of mom's leak quite a bit initially until supply and demand have found a happy balance (some leak even longer). You can use cloth diapers or burp cloths, if you leak really badly, there are throw-away ones, you can get in...
I used a traditional belly support band postpartum and I wore it while it felt good.
We are still debating about what to do with our 2year old. It would be great to have him there and I think he would be ok with the birth, but I am not sure if I would be fine. I feel very responsible for him and I am not sure if I could really let go and enter labour land completely when he's present. On the other hand, my first labor was under 5hrs from the first 10 min contraction to holding a child in my arms. If this next one is even faster (as I was told might...
I am sorry you have to let go of your dream of a natural childbirth. But you can still make decisions in your birth and not be run over by doctors. There are choices, maybe you could work with a doula to get you through this difficult time?  
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