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This is tomorrow, then, correct? Also, does it cost anything to come, or do we need to bring anything? Thanks.
Thanks Lovlies! Llyra, oooh, please give me some ideas of what I baked recies call for yougurt. I hadn't heard of that before. Sounds like yum-potential!
Hiya Mamas!   Dh delighted me with a yogourmet yogurt maker for Christmas. I've just started using it and love the taste. I'm not sure if I'd doing it the most healthfully and wanted to ask advice.   Machine instructions says to cook in machine for like 5 hours, but I remember reading somewhere that it needs to be more like 24 hours to fully ferment. Is that right?   If I freeze yogurt, will the good bacteria die?   and my last question, I've been...
Thanks so much lovely mamas! Oh and thanks for the radio idea. I found the link on mothering to the featured audio interview, for others reading this thread. http://www.mothering.com/media
Looks like my 18 mo has contracted perianal strep from his older sister. (yes, the red ring of doom.) He's been so dreadfully uncomfortable, and now has the classic red ring (same as sister) and even had an accident in his pants after nearly 2 mos of using the toilet. Poor love. Doc will test in the am and want to give abx, I'm sure. I know the ravages of strep A and don't want to mess around, but want to be hypervigilent about my son's care during his first direct...
bumping ... anyone know if this would work, or suggest another place I could pose the question? I've found lots of wonderful patterns online and thought I could take the FB layers and cut/stitch them the same order as used for diapers. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
My bubs is 18 mos and happily we are still bfing. He doesn't say many words yet, so when he wants to nurse he clicks his tongue, making a clicking sound--it's the sweetest sound, and he also does the ole shirt tug. I call our nursing time "cuddle yums". I adore nursing him. I am so present with him and try not to rush off to "the next thing that must be done". Bfing has really helped to center me and my life, and is quite meditative.   I nursed my Dds til they were...
Not sure where best to post this, but my DS is pretty well done with his CDs and now I'm cycling again, I'm about to make some mama cloths. I keep looking at his FBs and thinking I could upcycle them to mama cloth.... anyone done this with success? Would I layer them the same way as diaper?
Hi ma2Maya, I just revisited this post and wondered if you happen to know a source for untreated wood? I ask everywhere I go (craft stores, DIY stores) have searched online and come up empty handed. Other than going out in my woods and getting material, do you know where I can get some? I'm stumped! (pun intended) Thanks for your help ... or anyone who can answer this for me.
This is a wonderful thread. Does anyone have any recommendations about where to get wood, inexpensively and FSC certified ... or from sustainable forests? The only stuff I find at craft or DIY stores is either from another country or not FSC certified. I'd appreciate hearing any ideas, and also if anyone knows of any precut wood shape stores whose pieces are not imported.  
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