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Oops, sorry, thanks for pointing out my omission: You just use 2 tbsps per load, or less if it still cleans well. We recently got a Bosch dishwasher that uses 1/4 the amt of soap recommended by soap company, so you probably have to tweak the amt to fit your washer.
Just found this dishwasher recipe complements of blogger URL http://grocerycartchallenge.blogspot...ishwasher.html 1 cup borax 1 cup BAKING soda (not washing) fill rinse cup w/ white vinegar Penny
There's an awesome one I just found off Spring Forest Rd called North Raleigh Ministries. www.northraleighministries.com Only bad thing is you can't bring stoller, so trying on clothes with my baby on me was a challenge, but my 14 mo DS found it amusing ) More baby olympics! Money goes back into community and they have a crisis center which is amazing. They have a specials chalkboard when you walk in, that changes daily.
Quote: Originally Posted by catgoat I wrote a hand written religious exemption letter on Friday and it went smooth. They just had to notorize it and there was someone on the school staff to do that. Did you have to state your religion or the actual religious belief, or just generically said "vaccination is in opposition to my religious beliefs"? Thanks!
Hi, I hope this is the best place to post this. here goes: We are a family of 5 (2 DDs ages 9 and 8, and DS 14mos. We have a week vacation in mid September 20-30. We don't have lots of money but are in need of a magical vacation (and by magical I mean natural, back to mother earth type of magic). We love ocean, love mountains, love camping, hiking, nature, fairies, and are Waldorf inspired. We are in Raleigh but can travel across in NC, TN, or SC. We also have a big...
I'm changing as soon as I notice he's wet. Thanks for tip on testing to see if it's absorb issue or repel issue. I've been trying to strip them. I couldn't believe how much soap came out of them ... I washed them 3 times (reminder, I purchased them used.) I'm about to get another stash, USED, this week. What do you do when you get used FB? Do you automatically strip them to be safe? My DS now has diaper rash and smelled just awful today. I'm starting to think I made...
One: the movie Living Luminaries Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Autism Everyday What the Bleep Do We Know (sort pseudo documentary meets plot) Nova (entire series on PBS) Nova: The Elegant Universe Einstein's Dream (watch for FREE online http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/physics...-einstein.html
I don't want to hijack the thread, but this is stripping related: Is it ok to use 7th gen dish soap or Dr. Bronner's to strip instead of Dawn? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by artzy_fartzy68 Microfiber is for absorbency. If you want one-piece inserts you can sew them from microfiber yardage. I use the $5/12 microfiber towels I got at Family Dollar. I fold them in thirds. These dry much faster than do the one-piece inserts, but do require folding before putting in the diaper. Some babies are sensitive to this next to their skin, but I've never had an issue and sometimes use them as lay-in...
I'm new to CD and so excited but some Help! I'm trying to prove to my hubby just how easy CD will be, and so far it's not going so well. DS is leaking like crazy. I just got some 2nd hand fuzzibunz and found out they were not washed with Charlies, but Free and Clear detergent. Will I need to strip them to get them to work? Right now I'm changing my baby after ever pee b/c of bad leaks, so anyone have any interim suggestions as to how I can lessen this? Can I take a...
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