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It worked well for us to have the situation in the title. We're still doing it but will probably have to move our oldest to make way for #3. Cheers.
My 2 1/2 y.o. understands Vietnamese (which is 7 tones...I think Chinese is 5 tones) perfectly, but, being in an English dominated household, will only reply in English UNLESS I ask him to repeat something that I say. He might say things in the wrong tone, but if I correct him, he'll say it the right way. I think the PP had it right...all kids have trouble with some sounds but if you keep at them, they will eventually get it.
Hi there, I happen to be VNese and really feel for you. My family are nothing like this but I've seen friends really suffer from this passive aggressive BS. This is really in your husband's court and he needs to deal with his parents directly and bluntly (not so easy in our culture). He already pissed off his family by marrying you, so he should really be able to get up enough nerve to talk to his parents, state the obvious, that they are unhappy, but not talking to you...
We currently co-sleep with our two DS (1 and 3). I was thinking of moving them to their own room soon. I've heard some people moving them at the same time into the same bed works for some people and some people say to get their own beds. Can posters please share their experiences on how you did it and at what ages you moved your kids?
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