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I need a little help. My son has been hitting me off and on for years. He's almost 6 now. I have done everything to gently holding his hands and saying " hitting hurts, don't hit me please" to more lately, "I swear if you hit me one more time..." Today again after being in a children's museum for 5 hours he wanted a cookie they were selling by the door as we were leaving. I told him I didn't have any money with me and we could have some cookies and milk when we got home....
Sweetest and TandN :joy:joy:joy LTB the test was about $250 I don't have insurance either, but I wish I'd done the test 5 mc's ago
Just doing a quick driveby to answer a couple of Milkshake's questions. I haven't been on in awhile. The lab my doctor sent the blood to is in Chicago I believe. I have the phone number if you want it, PM me and I'll send it over. The doc prescribed intralipids which were $700 or so at her office, but only about $200 at another place I was also prescribed a high dose folate supplement, aspirin and lovenox rather than heparin. HATE HATED HATED the lovenox. I still have...
Hold the congrats...test is nearly negative today............I quit. I really, officially can't do this anymore
It's a blood thinner. The doctor said it would help with the NK cell issue I have. So far it seems to have huh?. Now I'm just worried about the pregnancy turning into a baby. I haven't told DH yet. I guess I should but I'm so tired of disappointing him. I'm almost afraid to.
So I tested this morning. Mainly because I want an excuse to stop doing the Lovenox. I hate it....hate...There was *something* there. So I went out and bought a Frer...definitely a faint line. Faint as in I'm only 11 dpo and it's 1:00 in the afternoon. Here we go again...at least now I have a reason to do the Lovenox and I feel like I'm doing it for a purpose. If it is what has allowed me to get pregnant again, then I guess I love Lovenox! Did I mention I would be due on...
Wo...THAT is a very pregnant test. There's no way it could be that positive from nearly a month ago.
Wooo! Vegan Princess I'm 7 days past trigger and just took a test. (Trying to test it out of my system so I can get a reliable BFP). It looks like it is finally almost neg. Now starts the real obsessing!
I'm at 5dpo and have since had to do 3 lovenox shots. Awesome...much worse than the hcg. The hcg was nothing (did I mention I despise needles?) The flippin' lovenox burns like hot acid going in and burns for a few minutes afterwards. Can't let your shirt touch it after you do the shot. I think if I don't make it this cycle, I may have to come to terms with giving up I've been testing out the hcg. Yesterday it was pretty faint, hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone so I...
...Just realized that if I were to get pregnant this cycle I would be due on my birthday! Although since I had my last mc on that day it seems only fair to get a take home baby for my birthday.
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