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Well, what I may do is continue with 900 IU and bring in some print outs of the new research to show my OB when I go back.   Does it matter that Id be getting vit d 3 from different sources? (like.. 400 from prenatal, 500 from my calcium supp, and then whatever i used from my pure vit d3 liquid?) I have checked everything carefully to make sure I am not over doing other vitamins..
Also, for the record I do NOT know my vit D levels. I plan to ask to have them tested at my next appointment in 3 weeks.   So, I guess I am wondering what is a good target range for being pregnant, and NOT knowing my levels. I dont want to overdo it. I live in Tennessee in the mountains and we are going to have a cold, dreary winter I am sure. I dont go outside very much at all.
I really am not sure how to approach this then. I called my OB back, talked with the nurse.... they are a great office, just not "with" certain things I guess. She said I could take my prenatal gummie (400 IU Vitamin D3) plus Citracal (500 IU D3) so thats = 900 IU of Vitamin D3 daily.   Is this enough to be really beneficial? To help with warding off the flu? I don't know about going off and taking 5,000 IU daily without him being totally onboard, I guess. But I...
And not only am I 25 weeks preg I also am breastfeeding a toddler 3x daily....
SO confusing lol I asked my OB but he said don't take more than 400 IU because too much can make you deficient in other vitamins...... I am not getting a flu shot and 400 IU seems so small compared to what everyone else is taking ... I want extra flu protection. 
Has anyone taken citrical? I called my OB back and he said I could take this.. It has an extra 500 IU of vit d 3
I really was to boost my immunities..
So my doc called and doesn't recommend more than 400 IU....
4000!? Wow that is a big difference. I'm waiting to hear what my doc says, I hope he knows this new information you spoke of.
Oh currently my prenatal has 400 IU
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