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Thanks! My ultrasound is scheduled for 7 weeks along. Would you recommend I do further hcg tests? My doc said its up to me if I want to for my nerves. I'm not sure yet.
My last pregnancy I took Neevo DHA. But I have found out most prenatal vitamins contain poly-something 80? Which is bad?   Can someone recommend a good prenatal vitamin? I want one with DHA if possible....   My health food store carries Natures Way.. is that a good one?
Sorry, I couldn't find my old thread! Anyway, my LMP was April 25th. Here are my HCG and progesterone results, please let me know what they look like! Doctor said they are great.   May 20th - HCG was 41, progesterone 21.6 May 24th - HCG 195 (didnt retest prog since it was good)   Thank you  
thanks ladies!
Thank you ladies.
Thanks, I know doubling is what matters most but was hoping that 47 was a good starting point, combined with that number of progesterone. lol. thank you
No I dOnt Temp. A temp wouldn't tell me anything right now huh? Since I have no chart to base it on. Spotting did stop tho and I also made a new thread with my hcg and progesterone results. Thank you very much
At approx 3weeks3 days pregnant (I got a BFP Thursday) I had my progesterone and HCG tested.   HCG came back 47, and progesterone was 21.6   I go back tomorrow for a re-check to make sure the rising of the HCG is good. Im 4 weeks today.   But do these numbers look good? I had low progesterone last preg with my DD so 21.6 is alot better than before when I had to supplement!   Just a nervous mama.   Thank you!
Thanks! Thats reassuring. I had spotting when AF was due with my daughter but I didn't test till a week later. I guess I'm nervous because I got a bfP so early on before AF.
So is brown better than red? And why would it just now come out if it was from implanting? My period was due today so its makin me nervous! I have spotted a tad more today, mostly lightly tinged brown on the toilet paper an I have to look hard to see it. And then I went walking and spotted on my panties lightly, not even enough to need a liner..
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