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I agree with an earlier post, the hypothetical 10-year-old is most always a straw man. I've heard a lot of scare-stories about teenagers who nurse, but have never met one. It's always a friend of a friend or sister of a friend, a cousin of a person at work, etc. If there really are 10-year-old nurslings in modern America then I'd like to meet them...and congratulate their moms.
Congratulations! And a Scorpio at that if you give credence to those things.
There are some forums in Mothering that I frequently read but am reluctant to post because I think that the world (especially the US) has enough male opinions floating around. Here, I can put up a subject and not feel intrusive. And you can get good replies from men and women. Count me as one dad who darn glad women come to this forum.
Well, congratulations on a milestone for a big, thriving child! We got an umbrella stroller at about one year as well. Our son was simply getting too big for my wife to carry all the time...and he loved it, at least for the first few rides. Eventually the novelty wore off for him and he went back to either walking himself or being in the sling or backpack most of the time, but he would still ask for "my car" every now and then.
Sounds like you deserve more support around you. If he isn't willing to go to counseling, then perhaps it will still do you good to go alone or break his "taboo" against talking to the family and talk with someone that you trust, that will simply listen to you. You certainly have a right to a caring ear. Tight money and changes such as new classes can really increase pressure--be good to yourself in response!
My wife and I are separating after eight years of marriage so that she can begin a new life with someone else. She has offered me joint custody or sole custody of our 39-month-old boy. I’d be willing to do joint custody, though it involves a lot of inconveniences for everyone involved. I’d be perfectly willing to take sole custody. Not just willing, very, very willing. I’ve made plans to quit my work for a year, sell the house and move in with relatives for awhile...
Mercury taken out of standard British vaccination! But now 5-in-1 vaccinations standard http://reuters.co.uk/newsPackageArti...8§ion=news
Our son potty-trained at 13 months on his own; but it did help him to have a toilet in every room. We used a toilet-seat extender, a child-sized training toilet and large cooking pans at various times. Eventually he started asking to go only to the bathroom toilet...though he still does like peeing off the balcony and into the garden below. As for turning off guests, well...anyone who came into our house would have known that usual "guest-first" rules had been...
308wood? How's it going? Has anything helped?
Echoing other posters...There is no rulebook on couples and sex. Three on a couch or a husband in bed with another may just be what keeps some couples happy. But if this isn't what you want--THEN DON'T STAND FOR IT! As a man, I wonder how he gets away with it. I imagine that I would have woken up in the morning to find myself sleeping in the gutter.
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