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With DD my early labor contractions felt like menstrual cramps, but...today I've been having on-and-off "gas" pains. No gas though! And no need to to poop. Has anyone experienced contractions like this? Moms who've had more than 1 birth - did your experience of labor pains change between births?
I'm 36 weeks. I had a couple of contractions yesterday, but not much today. DD was born at 35wks and I've been on progesterone injections to prevent preterm birth, so it's not totally unexpected. I'm just glad to be past 36 weeks because now I can deliver at the small hospital I want to be at - as opposed to the high-intervention hospital that takes the preterm birth. I'm attempting a VBAC, so the hospital I give birth at feels pretty important.   It wasn't bloody -...
75% effaced, less than 1cm dilated.   Doc said, "The baby could come tonight....or in 4 weeks." LOL
Hi ladies! Can anyone give me some info about GBS - my doc (who is AMAZING) wants to test next week. I'm a VBAC mama, so I'm trying to understand what affect a + result would have on my birth. Last birth I had planned a homebirth, but DD was breech at 35wks and I ended up with a c-section. I don't think I even made it to GBS test point in my pregnancy. Any info/resources would help!
well, i FINALLY met with the supervising doc and she approved the shots! i start on monday (only 6 weeks late)! thanks for the encouragement, ladies!
i go to school with a lot of folks in the 22 - 24 year old range. since it's law school, hardly any have kids of their own or have friends who've been pregnant. i like to think that i've been doing my part to inform them of tactful things to say to pregnant people.   i've said (kind of jokingly, kind of not) classmates, "just so you know, it's probably never appropriate to make unsolicited comments about someone's body. even if you think it's 'nice'." i've also told...
i made the appointment with the doc. bringing this along: http://www.acog.org/Resources_And_Publications/Committee_Opinions/Committee_on_Obstetric_Practice/Use_of_Progesterone_to_Reduce_Preterm_Birth   :)
DD was born at 35 weeks due to PPROM. My water broke and by the time we got to the hospital about an hour later I was in full-blown labor. Contractions every 5 minutes. DD had a NICU stay and now had some chronic health issues. I had only 1 ultrasound at 20 weeks, there is no evidence that my cervix was shortening at the time of PPROM. (It could have been, there's just no evidence.)   I asked the MW about 17p shots and she talked to the doctor that oversees the MW's...
Called the MW for unrelated question and she told me they want me to come in for a 1 hour glucose tolerance test. I guess it's standard in their practice for anyone with a BMI over 30. What is this test like? I did a modified one with my last MW...drank some grape juice and then came over to her office an hour later. What is the official test like?   I don't want to game the system, but from everything I've read this test isn't very good diagnostically. I'd almost...
also, maybe try out a prenatal yoga or fitness class? a smaller neighborhood studio is likely to have mamas who come again and again. a great place to meet friends! also, we met a lot of friends in childbirth class!  
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