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Im still here. 42 weeks. Have tried everything under the sun to start labor. Have a csection scheduled for the morning. Not dealing with it well.
I'm here. 41 weeks today. If I don't have him in a week its an automatic c section for me , as I'm a vbac.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dahlea Um wow I am seriously impressed. Those all look fantastic! How did you find time to do so much with a 3 year old? Ive made 1 soaker and thats it lol Eta-my fave are the cabled longies. Yum! Thanks. He still takes a 2 hour nap and I knit at bedtime as well. I have been working on everything since I was 15 weeks or so.
I like to knit anything and everything. Ive got a whole stash done for chase, here are some pictures. And nursing is going really well. I don't forsee levi weaning anytime soon. Baby blanket http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/b...2/b0192188.jpg Cabled longies ( Tig yarn) http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/b...2/d6db120f.jpg Kimono, soaker, hat. (Sugarbubbies Mallard) http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/b...2/da1ebf79.jpg Nb / sm soakers ( Dd po8, Mm...
EDD: 8.30 Name: Elisabeth Age: 25 Location: south texas Family: my husband mike and I have a little boy named levi who will be 3 on 8.24 Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): baby boy Names you like: his name is Chase Elijah Birth Plans/Preferences: hoping for a successful hbac Strangest craving/aversion this pregnancy: drinking pickle juice, no ground beef Hobbies/Interests: I love to knit Occupation: mommy How you met your SO: our parents went to college together...
I'm planning on starting epo in 2 weeks once I hit 36 weeks.
How exciting that babies could start being born soon! I still feel like I have forever to go, I'm due 8-30.
I just decided to switch from a birthing center to a home birth. I'm 31 weeks. Hopefully meeting with the midwife tommorow, but since we are in the middle of a hurricane I'm not sure she will make it. I have a question. My bathtub is really big and deep. Do I still need a pool or do you think that would work?
Its so great to hear positive things. Most of the people I know have been pretty rude about it. My mom insisted I needed another c section , but once she saw the business of being born she was the one who suggested a home birth. So my husband and mom, along with most of my other immediate family members are really supportive and think its a great idea.
My husband and I just decided today to switch from our birth center to having a home birth. I have one son who was born by c section. Anyone else planning a home birth after a csection?
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