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Can't tell you how many times this has happened to me! I've been waiting for it to happen one more time because my doctor says since I'm to a four I will not get sent home even if things slow down. Of course the one time it happened this week my husband was off to the airport to send our son off to California and by the time he got back things had slowed down! I bet you dilated though!!
I've had this pain for a while now but it was usually only here and there. Yesterday I did a little shopping trip with my sister, were talking about 30 minutes of easy going meandering around a thrift store and I've been in agony ever since. Every step I take causes me pain and its really bad if I have to lift my feet up for anything. It takes me a good few minutes to talk myself into lifting my feet out of the car or to get my undies and pants on because I know its...
Does anyone else experience this in their third trimester? My hair is just gross, I wash it and it is immediately greasy. This same thing happened during my other two pregnancies so I'm sure it's a pregnancy thing now. I hate it so bad. The only thing that helps at all is carting cups of heated filtered water into the shower with me and washing my hair with that. I feel like I have to wash my hands like 3 or 4 times while I'm drying it.... I can stand anything but...
Soooooo funny! I love things that truly make me laugh!
Oh momma! LOL!! I'm right there with you! I'm to 4cm, 100% effaced and this baby is so damned stubborn!! I've been sure I was going to have her any day now for at least two weeks. I'm 39 weeks on Saturday and on Tuesday my doctor told me that if I got into an every 6-8 minute contraction pattern that kept up when I was strapped in at the hospital he would just break my water and get it going for me. I was so excited that husband and I decided to do the baby making...
Tiffnoondle! Thanks for making me feel less guilty. I want this baby to happen now because if its after today things get really complicated. We will be out a sitter because the grandparents are going to a reunion and we are sending our son off to California on Saturday to stay with my sister, I've got to be here to finish getting him packed!
Things never happen when I want them to But! I did have blood in my CM last night! I've never had bloody show before, it made me so excited. This morning we did the deed too .... the last few times I did this it made me contract consistently and painfully for at least six hours after so I hope it gets me over the 4 cm so I can get this party started!
o.k., I'm fully effaced and at a 4. The Doctor said that if I get regular contractions and go in he will not send me home. Please please, let it happen tonight!
This sounds just like me. Today I'm 38 weeks and had a huge burst of nesting. I woke up at 5am thinking about everything I needed to do because I know this baby is coming anytime now. It's 5pm now, and I've finished EVERYTHING on my to do list. I had one last shopping trip to make, Our son is flying to California next week to stay with my sister for two weeks and I had to get a few things for that. I just about gave up halfway through the Walmart parking lot though. ...
Still awaiting our little DD's arrival here. I'm not due till 6/26. I've been having lot's of false labor so I can't wait for the real thing!
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