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Quote: Originally Posted by sweetpeppers If my son is upset, for whatever reason, nursing helps him calm down. I wouldn't say no. He's just figuring out the world, and he needs to know that I'll be there for him even if I can't always let him do what he wants to do. exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla There's no way she's NOT thinking about him, or thinking about what he would have been doing for the holidays, the toys she would have bought him, etc. I would definitely do something to aknowledge her son- either a 'thinking of you" note inside a regular card, or send 2 separate cards, or a card plus some kind of "keepsake" gift- but please don't ignore her and don't pretend that nothing is wrong. I've never lost...
My older nursling turned 6 today. I can't believe we've been nursing for 6 years now!!: what a ride!
Quote: Forgive me if this has been discussed already but has anyone else had to deal with insensitive comments? oh yes. everyone I know who has had the pleasure of HG does. There's a whole forum on the helpher.org site devoted to it ("crackering" it's called). I had one ER nurse who was CONVINCED I would stop vomiting if onnnnnnnly I'd eat cream of wheat. IDIOT!
at that stage could be irritated cervix or a small subchorionic hematoma. I'd bring it up with the doctor but chances are all is still well. s:
ugh. not good memories for sure. My kids had to have a crash course in cooking because I *could not* set foot in the kitchen. They (8 at first, then 9) learned how to cook oatmeal, burritos, PBJ, boil eggs, etc. It was sink or swim for them. DH had to do all the rest of the cooking when I'd been THE sole cook in the family pretty much forever (Dh occasionally made things, but only his signature dishes). We ate a lot we wouldn't otherwise and the pizza delivery people...
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa Yeah sometimes it doesn't even matter how much you brush, just the frequent vomiting can really damage the teeth. very true! my doc and midwife this past time told me to chew a tums (any kind I could get down) after each vomit to neutralize my mouth. it REALLY helped. I have far less damage this time than the past 2 times. The chocolate tums and tropical tums worked the best in terms of taste.
have hubby head to the dollar tree and get a TON of coloring books. Get some crayons. get some DVDs or whatever (audio books, etc). get lego duplos. Lots of things they can play with near you on their own. IME it's a matter of "whatever it takes to make the day go by till Dad is home". As for your midwife, insist she RX more or go see another doctor for the RX. That's NOT acceptable when the full dose is 32mg/day (8mg/4x). My second full term pregnancy threw me. It was...
So glad you got the RX. {{{{HUG}}}} :
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