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I was browsing his med forums and found a thread where he said he'd be interested in testing breastmilk from women taking zofran. I'm not now, but was and would do so again for a study! I owe a LOT to zofran and anything that could be done to assure others of its safety would be great! I'm not a LC, LLL Leader, etc so I can't post on the forums.
Of course it's ok. Idiots! I really hate doctors. sorry. (note my title) Can you get a consult with a different doc? Maybe ask for doc recommends on helpher.org site? eta: bummer! it's gone (the april fool's title). It used to say "mailing vomit to doctors"
costco has THE BEST cash price for generic zofran. Theirs is way more effective IMO too. It looks (to me) just like the real thing so maybe the same manufacturer? the kind of generic zofran that Rite Aid carries sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Azreial did anyone else suffer from hair loss? My hair has been falling out in chunks for about a month now. Its worse than any pp hair loss I had. yep. and now it's falling out postpartum again (after having literally started breaking off in chunks about 2 weeks pp). glad it's short now!
actually yea, most of the women on the hyperemesis board (helpher.org) find luck with zofran. Only a few it doesn't work for. Sometimes the issue is more a matter of not having enough so it seems the med doesn't work at all when the problem is dose. zofran is the safest of the options medically speaking. phenergan is category C, zofran category B.
hehe I have one single actual dress that I'm holding on to. Someday *sniff* someday.. maybe another 5-6 years from now. Thanks :
I implement a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. if they ask though, boy are they in for it.
Do I get a Gold medal? : I can't believe my oldest nursling is nearly 6!!! *sob* Where does the time go? How many other long-termers are out there? do you have a hard time remembering Life Before Nursing too?
The only way I got through it this last time was with my DH's loving support. If it hadn't been for him...... I really don't know what I would have done. I'm still weak as a kitten 4 1/2 months after baby was born.
I couldn't brush my teeth most of the pregnancy. On a doc's advice I chewed a tums after each vomit episode to neutralize the acid for my teeth and keep decay from happening. It actually worked pretty well and I had less tooth damage this PG than others. Tums wise the tropical fruits and chocolate ones worked best. As far as vitamins go, I couldn't do it. I couldn't even do the cherry-flavored kids liquid ones. I got cereals with 100% RDA and tried to have one bowl a...
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