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It wasn't comfy for sure, but it was tolerable when I kept the big picture in mind. He didn't get frustrated, but then he's a die-hard nurser.
if you have numbness get a blood test done to check for deficiencies. B-1 is especially common for those of us with HG and can be life threatening if not treated.
I'm not sure? maybe a little before 1 year?
Yes, I tell them. I get sick pleasure out of freaking them out.
he slowed on his own. it was in the 4th year though, so know that it may not be all that early that they self-limit.
I got pg with DS4 when DS3 was nearly 5. My milk dried up and it didn't deter his nursing at all. he's still happily nursing along.
it could. rice milk should be available over there too, though.
Don't follow McDougal. Personally. You need fat and you are NOT getting enough. If you don't want to add it (oils, etc) then at least use lots of avocado, nuts, etc.
nut milk. rice if I'm too tired to do the cooking.
Doctors in the US (and pharmacists for that matter) aren't trained AT ALL in herbs. Licorice is fine during breastfeeding. Those "warnings" are CYA. I've used licorice for long periods (1+ year) to help enhance ovulation, all while breastfeeding.
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